Ivanka Trump Bares Shoulders In Black Dress, Draws Ire Of ‘Star Wars’ Fans: ‘The Force Is Strong In My Family’

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Ivanka Trump isn’t acknowledging her father’s impeachment inquiry on social media. Instead, she’s been sharing cute photos of puppies and her kids. However, some Trump critics weren’t impressed by the first daughter’s recent family-centered social media post that references a popular movie franchise.

On Saturday night, Ivanka took to Instagram to share a snapshot of her family gathered in the living room. She and her husband, Jared Kushner, were all dressed up in evening wear, with Ivanka donning a floor-length black gown that hugged her curves. The formal off-the-shoulder dress featured dramatic layered sleeves and showed off her shoulders and collarbones, baring just the slightest hint of cleavage. Ivanka styled her new bob hairstyle by parting her curled blond locks to the side.

Kushner, who is the Senior Adviser to President Donald Trump, wore a tailored black tuxedo for the family photo. While he and his wife looked like they were dressed for a night out on the town in Canto Bight, their kids were obviously staying in. Their 8-year-old daughter, Arabella, and her 5-year-old brother, Joseph, were dressed in casual clothing, and they were sitting in front of a mirrored coffee table and working on what appeared to be a White House LEGO set. Ivanka and Jared’s youngest child, 3-year-old Theodore, was wearing a stormtrooper costume and posing in front of his parents with his arms outstretched.

In the snapshot’s caption, Ivanka referenced Star Wars by writing that “The Force is strong” in her family.

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The Force is strong in my family.

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Over the course of just two hours, Ivanka Trump’s post received over 130,000 likes. However, some of the 37-year-old clothing designer’s followers picked her post apart using their knowledge of the Star Wars universe.

“Storm troopers don’t have the force,” observed one Star Wars fan.

“The storm troopers are on the dark side…,” another remarked.

The comments were even harsher on Twitter, where Ivanka shared the same photo and caption.

“You do realize that by talking about the force when one of your kids dresses up as a stormtrooper pretty much says ‘We worship the dark side of the Force.’ — or at least you do now,” commented one critic.

“The evil Empire. Very fitting,” another wrote.

Ivanka Trump recently shared another glamorous snapshot that got mocked on social media. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, some critics joked that she looked like a figure skater when she shared a snapshot of the sparkly, fringe-covered dress that she had borrowed from her mother, Ivana Trump, to wear to a party in Rome.

She kept things more casual in the Instagram photo that she shared right before her Star Wars post, rocking a comfy green button-up shirt and cuddling with her pet pooches instead of posing with a family member dressed up like an evil space soldier.

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The road to my heart is paved with pawprints ????

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As noted by The Daily Beast, Ivanka Trump has not acknowledged Donald Trump’s impeachment inquiry on social media, or elsewhere, but style writer Alaina Demopoulo opines that the president’s daughter is using her recent wardrobe choices to paint “a portrait of authority.”

Fashionistas and Star Wars fans will have to decide for themselves what it means that she’s wearing Vader black in her latest social media snapshot.