Kaley Cuoco Goes Topless In Bed As She Snuggles Up To Her Beloved Dog

Rich FuryGetty Images

Kaley Cuoco blew her social media followers away this week when she posted a very racy, yet sweet, photo of herself completely topless to her Instagram story.

In the sexy snapshot, Kaley is seen laying on a bed with white blankets as she cuddles up to her dog. The former Big Bang Theory star wore a pair of skintight pants in the black-and-white photo and appears to go completely naked above the waist.

Cuoco’s flat tummy, killer abs, and toned arms are on full display in the photo, as her dog helps to cover her bare chest. The actress has her long, blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail as she lounges around with her pet pooch, and offers no context to the photo except for a one word caption that simply read, “LOVERS.”

As many fans know, Kaley is a huge animal lover. She often encourages her social media followers to adopt their animals instead of shop for them and loves to show off her own furry pals, which include multiple dogs, bunny rabbits, and tons of horses as she and her husband, Karl Cook, both love to ride. They even compete in competitions with their horses.

Kaley previously opened up to the LA Times about her animal activism, revealing that she believes animals are so sweet and innocent and can’t speak for themselves. So, she likes to be their voice in certain situations. In fact, Cuoco’s love for animals is what led her to her husband.

“I was already involved with horses, then we happened to meet at a horse show. It was totally meant to be. We were pretty much a good match from the beginning,” Kaley told People Magazine of meeting Karl.

“We share so much love for animals — we love horses and we love the sport. I think anyone who works with animals has to have a kind soul. It’s almost like he’s the horse whisperer. He is just wonderful with them. It’s really beautiful to see that patience he has with them … he’s so gentle,” Cuoco gushed over her husband.

The couple bonded over horses and their love for other pets so much that they even held their wedding ceremony at a horse stable near San Diego, California, back in 2018.

Meanwhile, fans can see more Kaley Cuoco and all of her four-legged friends by following the actress on her social media accounts, where she posts regularly.