Jenna Jameson Drops Jaws In Busty Selfie, Celebrates Big Anniversary In New Instagram Snaps

Jenna Jameson promotes her book 'Sugar'
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Former adult film star Jenna Jameson is living a strong, healthy life these days, and she noted via Instagram that she is celebrating four years of being sober. The 45-year-old mom of three shared a lengthy caption as she noted this significant milestone, and her fans rallied to show their love.

Jameson has been quite open over the past couple of years about the lifestyle changes she has made to improve her health. After having her daughter Batel a couple of years ago, Jenna committed to a keto eating style, and she has talked about utilizing intermittent fasting as well. These dietary changes have been key in helping Jenna lose about 80 pounds, but her sobriety dates back to before she had Batel.

As Jenna noted in her Instagram post, she hasn’t forgotten how things were before she became sober, and she still has scars from the life she used to lead. Jameson noted that she is quite public now about her struggle, as she aims to help others. However, she acknowledged that many people struggle with the stigmas attached to addiction, and she wants to see that stop.

Jenna went on to say that she hopes she can be the light for someone else who is still struggling, and she encouraged people to set boundaries. This new Instagram post was quite popular among Jameson’s followers, as more than 20,000 people had liked it in less than 20 hours.

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4 years. We do recover. We do overcome. We do rebuild. But we never forget. We still have scars. They fade. The sun begins to shine and close out the shadows. Trust returns. I wish the stigmas around addiction would stop. I wish people would stop saying things like “Are you high?” I wish someday people in active addiction and new recovery weren’t shamed. So many people are suffering… not only the addicts, but their friends and family. I am public about my struggle and eventual healing to help others, but we can all be the light for someone. Leave judgement to God and reach out in service of others. If you’re reading this, addicted and afraid, I pray you find the strength to seek help. This subject needs to be less taboo. I love you. #sober #wedorecover #recovery #addiction #aa #na #noonechoosesaddiction

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Another recent post of Jameson’s caused quite the frenzy among her fans. The selfie of Jenna’s was a close-up showing her wearing a revealing yellow tank top as she lounged on her bed with her face resting on one bent arm.

Jenna showcased her “uber blonde” hair, which she had down in loose curls cascading over her shoulders. As The Inquisitr recently detailed, Jameson had asked her fans if she should cut her hair into a short bob. Now, it seems she decided to keep the longer locks and just lighten them to a bolder blond color.


This selfie not only drew followers in with the peek of Jenna’s busty assets and her platinum blonde style, but people noticed her bright blue eyes and plentiful freckles. She insisted in the comments that the eye color and freckles are really, truly, the real Jenna, and it looks like her fans approved of the new look.

Jenna Jameson has left her old life behind, but she clearly has not let herself forget the lessons she has learned in the past few years. Fans love all of her inspirational and informative social media posts, and they also adore the sultrier selfies she throws in along the way.

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Mornings with you. #shabbatshalom #aloha #rainbow

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