Miley Cyrus’ Hot Sister Brandi Flashes Killer Legs In Cowboy Boots That ‘Didn’t Get Enough Attention’

Miley Cyrus and Brandi Cyrus arrive at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards
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Anybody trying to steal attention away from Miley Cyrus right now should prepare themselves for a hard time: the “Slide Away” singer seems to be dominating the digital space right now with her statement Las Vegas performance last night. Fans of the 26-year-old may be glued to their phones as they watch footage of Miley rocking out on stage, but followers of Miley’s cute sister Brandi will likely have noticed her Instagram activity.

Brandi’s Instagram stories today mostly showed her joining in the fun, with mom Tish also seen jamming out to Miley’s music in the crowd. That said, a moment from Brandi’s stories was dedicated to fashion. In fact, the metallic cowboy boots donned by the 32-year-old popped up in a social media post.

Brandi’s story showed her in a candid setting, with a hand-held smartphone filming her killer legs. The star had pointed her camera downward, with fans seeing hints of a dress, plus a very loud pair of heeled and silver cowboy boots. The Cyrus family may come with a Hollywood status, but their country vibes haven’t gone anywhere. Brandi’s boot story was fairly brief, but it did come with some words. Brandi stated that the boots hadn’t received “enough attention,” before confirming that she was out to remedy the situation.

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Wrangler on my booty ????

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Brandi does seem to know her fashion. The star’s career includes working as a DJ, but Brandi is also a fashion editor. Her Instagram showcases a love of popular fashion trends, with the eldest Cyrus sister appearing to be a lover of both denim getups and athleisurewear. This summer has seen the blonde update her social media with plenty of colorful looks including leggings, shorts, and some super-sexy swimwear. One such snap even came with sister Miley.

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Gonna take my ???? to the Old Town Road ????

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The Cyrus family hasn’t seem to have lost their country roots however — cowboy boots still seem to be a go-to accessory for many of them. Just yesterday, The Inquisitr reported Miley, Brandi, and their mom Trish all sported some boots ahead of Miley’s Las Vegas appearance.

Brandi has spoken out about her style. In an interview with Bravo TV, the star revealed how she crafted her fashion and design sense.


“My design style is really a reflection of my fashion style, which is what I started in, working in fashion. For me, I’ve always loved style, because I’ve always loved dressing different and being unique and maybe wearing stuff no one else would wear, and I feel like that really carries over into my same taste in interior design,” she said.

Fans wishing to see more of Brandi should check out her Instagram.