Mathilde Tantot Gets Drenched In White Top & Leaves Nothing To The Imagination

Mathilde Tantot takes a selfie.
Mathildtantot / Instagram

Mathilde Tantot shared a new Instagram post several days ago, and she might as well have entered a wet T-shirt contest. The photo in question is too revealing to share here, but you can check it out on the model’s Instagram page.

Tantot is hardly shy about sharing ultra-sultry photos on social media, as was evident with her second-newest shower post.

At any rate, Mathilde’s newest update consisted of two photos. They were taken around the same time, and showed her in the same outfit. She rocked a white crop tank, along with a pair of tiny, orange bikini bottoms.

The first photo showed Mathilde standing facing the camera, but she looked to her left and covered her eyes with her left arm. At the same time, she was spotted smiling widely, while holding a large water gun in her right hand. She held the gun into the air, which was bright green and blue.

Thanks to Tantot being completely drenched, the shirt left very little to the imagination.

Behind the model, viewers could see a small pool.

In addition, a second photo showed Mathilde posing on a green, manicured lawn. She closed her eyes and turned her head to the left. Again, she held the water gun into the air, while she popped her left hip.

Her small waist and toned abs were on full display.

Fans gushed about the model’s looks, with many people chiming in with which photo they liked more.

“Do I really have 2 chose I love both haha,” said a fan.

“Second one because we see your entire face?” said another fan.

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I’ll be here, tanning with my @balibody tanning oils ????

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In addition, many people were distracted by her good looks.

“Can u make some workout plan your body is goaaaals,” asked a follower.

At the same time, there was a hater that snuck into the comments section.


“Why do you need to post yourself almost naked and for everyone to see what you look like everyday? I really want to understand it no bs,” they asked, while their question has received no responses so far.

In addition, another follower had a specific question for the model.

“Please @mathildtantot reply me what filter and app you use to take photos all the time orangey please reply me,” they requested.

For now, fans can look forward to more photos from Mathilde in the coming days. It’s also worth noting that she gave a quick shout-out to her new follower count in the captions of the wet tank top photo. She’s finally reached over 3.6 million followers.

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Right after a lazy morning (3.5M????)

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