Georgia Fowler Shows Her Peach In A Neon Bikini

Georgia Fowler wears a pink dress.
Andrew Toth / Getty Images

Georgia Fowler shared a new Instagram post today, a series of three photos of the model on what looks to be a boat. In the caption, she is lamenting the end of summer.

The model rocked a neon, lime green bikini in the shots. The first two images showed Georgia from behind, as she flaunted her peach. She played with her hair in one photo, while in the other she looked over her left shoulder.

It looked like Georgia was standing on an outdoor couch on a boat. The blue ocean was visible behind her, along with a cloudless sky.

The final photo in the series showed the model posing with her right arm in the air, while she placed her left hand on her forearm. She had her eyes closed as she popped her left foot.

All of the images were taken from a low vantage point, which helped accentuate Georgia’s slender figure and long legs.

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Summers turning its behind on us…

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This upload was preceded by a behind-the-scenes photo from one of her modeling gigs. The image showed Georgia wearing bright pink lipstick with a purple hue. She pursed her lips for the shot, showing off that the makeup was smeared heavily on her left cheek.

The unusual look prompted many of Georgia’s fans to chime in with a variety of comments.

“How did it end up like this? It was only a kiss,” joked a follower.

“You’ve got a lil smudge there babe…riight [sic] there…,” said another fan.

Other followers suggested different reasons for why someone would have smeared makeup.

“What Earth Quake? Spilt coffee? Didn’t want smooches,” a third follower commented.

“Dont [sic] apply makeup while driving,” suggested a fourth fan.

“The top photo of u love georgia by georgia,” noted a fifth user.


In the photo, the model was wearing minimal makeup — aside from the smeared lipstick, of course. She sported light gold eyeshadow, filled-in brows, and potentially had on a light pink blush.

Georgia wore a strapless, white top in the snap. She had her hair pulled up in a casual hairstyle and no other accessories were visible in the shot. She tagged the upload as being behind-the-scenes, Vogue Beauty, and Vogue Australia.

The model is known for Instagram posts that showcase her personality, and her two newest updates certainly fit that mold. She also often shares her flirty side, showing off her assets, like when she displayed her legs in an all-black outfit.

For now, fans can follow Georgia on Instagram for more fun updates.