February 16, 2021
Suzy Cortez Sizzles In A Bikini So Small, It Should Be Illegal

Former Miss BumBum Suzy Cortez knew the best way to say good morning to her fans -- with a sizzling shot of herself wearing a blue metallic so small, it should be illegal. Her fans understandably went wild over the Friday surprise.

Suzy first hit the limelight after winning Brazil's Miss BumBum contest in 2015. Since then, she has continued to make headlines. She was named the "muse" of the 2016 Rio Olympics, and starred in a Netflix series that documented the Miss BumBum competition.

The Brazilian beauty is also known for her love of soccer superstar Lionel Messi, despite the fact that he plays for rival Argentina. In fact, she even has the star athlete's name tattooed on her derriere.

That said, no tattoo can be seen in her latest upload to Instagram despite the revealing shot. In the picture, Suzy is posed on her hands and knees, with her body dipping towards the sand. Her teeny bikini is an '80s inspired metallic blue. The bikini bottom is a cheeky cut, exposing almost all of her famously curvy posterior.

The bikini top is a classic triangle string cut that gets sandy as Suzy leans forward. Her hair is natural and slightly side swept as she smolders into the camera.

The photo quickly earned over 11,500 likes and around 275 glowing comments in less than three hours.

"Morning Gorgeous," a fan replied to her greeting, adding a fire emoji.

"Just spectacular," added a second, also adding a fire emoji.

"Hottie," wrote a third, with several heart-eye emoji.

The Brazilian bombshell regularly posts sizzling shots of herself, especially in bikinis that are able to showcase her most famous asset.

However, there is one person that certainly doesn't like all the sizzling photos: Messi's wife. The buxom brunette had bombarded her famous husband with so many sexy photos that he was forced to block her, according to The Sun.

However, this only made matters worse, as Suzy then countered with an #UnBlockMeMessi social media campaign. It quickly went viral, and Messi eventually reinstated the sassy stunner.

After thanking her fans, Suzy then celebrated the occasion with a Messi-themed photoshoot, wearing the jersey from his club, F.C. Barcelona.

She has also on occasion posted NSFW celebratory photos after Barcelona victories, as previous covered by The Inquisitr.

Though Messi might not be her biggest fan, she definitely isn't lacking in other men lining up to earn her adoration. The Brazilian beauty is a social media sensation, with over two million followers on Instagram.