Fitness Model Ainsley Rodriguez Looks Like A Goddess, Smolders In A Teeny Crop Top

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Ainsley Rodriguez is one of the most popular fitness and wellness coaches on social media, and currently boasts nearly 2 million followers on Instagram, in addition to her own personal training business. However, in a recent post where the Miami native flaunted her incredible figure in a crop top, she admitted that looking great wasn’t always easy, and that it had been a difficult journey.

In a heartwarming caption, the stunner confessed that she was brought up gorging on unhealthy foods, like chocolate cake and grilled cheese sandwiches. After meeting several men with their own diet issues, Ainsley admitted that her relationship with food only worsened.

It was finally a boyfriend, who was a cancer survivor, that opened the brunette beauty’s eyes to the idea of wellness, and despite the fact that he would later cheat on her, Ainsley maintained that she remained grateful that he gave her a strong sense of self.

Ainsley concluded the post by telling her followers that it was “okay” if they’d gone through a breakup or felt loss in general. The one thing that wasn’t okay, she cautioned, was getting stuck in a rut.

She finished by telling her fans that they “got” this.

In addition to the inspirational caption, Ainsley added a stunning picture of herself. Sitting at the beach against a rocky cliff, Ainsley wore a black off-the-shoulder crop top and aqua bikini bottoms. Her hair is voluminous and side-swept, and her smoky eye makeup makes her look like a goddess.

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My diet when I was a child consisted of grilled cheese & chocolate cake. ????????‍♀️ #truestory. I never ate veggies & I was addicted to sodas. . At 14 I was introduced to the notion of ‘calories’ and would track every single calorie I ate in a notebook. I paid no attention to the TYPES of foods I was eating but rather just numbers & slowly began my obsession w food- yes at 14yrs of age. (Hence why I’m strongly against tracking anything now) . When I was 18 I got asked out on a lunch date by a cute guy who out of all places chose a salad bar. I hated salad - but how I could I say no? I sucked it up and dating him for a couple yrs was my first intro into broadening my taste buds. . Fast forward. I met another cute guy. This one hated carbs and I ended up being terrified of them as well. Cue keto obsession and binge episodes. Spinning twice a day, partying at night and now having guilty associations with food brought me to an ultimate low of 98lbs. ‘Skinny’? Yes. Miserable and irritable? 100% . Fast fw to the next guy. Cancer survivor. Older. Wiser. Cue intro to holistic health. Out of all the negative things that happened in that relationship (cheated on me at MY place w a girl who worked the front desk) the growth that came out of it I can’t ever thank life enough for. ???????? I began to realize my happiness depended on me. . Fast fw to today. Independent and strong with relationships ADDING value to my life & well being ???? - not controlling it. When I started to heal on the INSIDE and fixing my relationship w MYSELF is when the outside decided to catch up. I don’t count or weigh any of my food. I don’t weigh myself or know my body fat. I workout 4-5 times a week for about 45 mins - 1hr. I eat well MOST of the time and I eat intuitively. . I too struggled with dieting, poor self image, negative emotions & relationships (if you only knew the half of it lol). It’s ok that you went through a break up. It’s ok that you feel lost. What’s not ok is staying stuck where you are. Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity! . On that notion, chin up buttercups! You got this ????????❤️

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The picture earned over 25,000 likes and more than 800 comments.

“This opening up of personal experiences is more beautiful than you! That’s pretty hard to do, but the honesty you declared is really really inspiring!” gushed a fan, clearly moved by her caption.

“Wow that was deep! You’re such a beautiful person in and out! Such an inspiration to so many women,” echoed another, with two red hearts.

“Love you Ains!!!! You’re a beauty with a great heart,” added a third, with two kissing-face emoji.

In addition to her inspirational post, Ainsley also uploaded a few videos of new exercise routines. The Miami native posts fitness clips almost every week, such as a recent bikini workout that made Instagram go into meltdown mode, per The Inquisitr.

Though this update was not in a bikini, it nonetheless showcased the stunner’s fantastic figure with a sports bra and incredibly tight mini shorts.

In the post, Ainsley goes through a variety of HIIT exercises, such as jumps and mountain climbers.

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15 MIN HIIT ???? . Full body sweat sesh using nothing but a bench! HIIT workouts are great when you’re short on time - just set the interval timer and glō ????! Feel free to utilize these movements between sets in your regular workouts to keep your heart rate up as well! . 50 sec on x 10 sec rest Repeat for 3 rounds! (Don’t forget the opposite leg on the step ups!) .......... ESPAÑOL ???????? . 15 min de cuerpo total! . Solo necesitas un banco! Los entrenamientos HIIT son geniales cuando tienes poco tiempo! Tambien puedes utilizar estos movimientos entre series en sus entrenamientos regulares para mantener su ritmo cardíaco también! . 50 segundos en x 10 segundos de descanso Repita por 3 rondas! (¡No olvides la pierna opuesta en los escalones!) . #HIIT #FullBodyWorkout #QuickWorkout

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The quick workout suggestion earned just shy of 20,000 likes and around 460 comments.