Sara Underwood Showers Outdoors In Bikini So Tiny, It Should Be Illegal

David BeckerGetty Images

Sara Underwood is heating up Instagram. The Playboy model doesn’t always update her social media in swimwear – in fact, Sara tends to be one of the platform’s faces who frequently opts for a more clothed finish. Today has seen the model return to a bikini, though. Of course, given that the post was a social media update from nature’s biggest lover, the snap had the trademark outdoorsy vibe that Sara harnesses with full force.

Sara’s photo today showed her in a parched, rocky, desert setting. The model had provided a Utah geo-tag, although she hadn’t specified which part of the state she was in. Fans likely didn’t care, though. The photo was showing the famous blonde enjoying an outdoor shower in a two-piece – what more could fans ask for?

Sara was photographed relatively close up, with full-frontal positioning affording the best view of her killer curves, toned muscles, and stunning facial features. The star had opted for what may well be the tiniest bikini ever: the white two-piece was held together by clear plastic strings, although there didn’t seem to be much material to hold together. The briefs appeared as tiny as the bikini’s upper, with fans seeing the model’s ample assets and curvy hips in what was ultimately the perfect delivery.

Sara posed for her photo with her head slightly cocked to the side as she took in the spray. A caption from the star mentioned the heat, although it also gave a nod to the brand of swimwear she wore.

The update quickly proved popular – unsurprisingly. Sara, her little bikini, and her stunning shower moment had racked up over 15,000 likes within 20 minutes of going live. The same time frame brought over 139 fans into the post’s comments section. As to the responses left, they seemed to range from queries over Sara’s 2020 calendar to overall praise for her killer body, fierce beauty, and the quirky edge she is adored for.

Today did see Sara act as an influencer — promoting Fashion Nova is now commonplace on her social media, with the affordable clothing brand regularly getting a mention. Sara is, of course, not the only Instagram face known to have partnered up with the brand — Australian model Abby Dowse is also a Fashion Nova face.

As to the effect Sara can have on her followers, it doesn’t seem to matter what she’s wearing. The Inquisitr recently documented the star wowing her fans with far more clothing. In that update, she wore a yellow dress.

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