‘Are You The One?’ Reunion: MTV’s First Sexually Fluid Cast Reveals Who’s Still Together

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MTV took a totally new approach with the eighth season of its reality matchmaking show, Are You the One?, by casting the first sexually fluid cast. Season 8 was renamed Are You the One? Come One Come All, and the cast members walked away with a total of $750,000 after the final match-up ceremony. But not everyone managed to make it work with their perfect matches, according to a report from Hollywood Life.

The show brings together an equal number of singles who are looking for love and hoping to find their perfect mate. The matches are already arranged beforehand, based on a series of compatibility tests given by professional matchmakers. The singles won’t be able to confirm a perfect match unless they take a trip to the truth booth.

Each member of the house is tasked with getting to know everyone in order to find their match. If the singles manage to figure it out by the end of the season, they’ll win a million dollars. However, if the singles come up short, they’ll lose $250,000 each time they encounter a blackout, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

The cast recently sat down with AfterBuzz TV to dish on all the season’s happenings. At the end of Season 8, the matches were as follows.

Aasha and Brandon

Brandon and Aasha were the first confirmed perfect match, but their relationship didn’t last too long after their time in the honeymoon suite.

“Aasha and I were like this *crosses fingers*,” Brandon said. “In the house, it could’ve gotten to the point where we got romantic, but in the honeymoon suite, we were like… ‘f*ck this sh*t, what happened!?'”

He said he understood how they could be a perfect match because they had a very good connection, but things were just lacking in the romantic department.

Jenna and Paige

During the first few episodes of the season, Jenna and Kai were inseparable until they were forced to separated after learning they were not a perfect match. Jenna’s match turned out to be Paige, but the two are not currently together.

Danny and Kai

Before the final ceremony, Kai broke things off with Danny, but the pair are still friends.

“I was thinking that Kai and I live in the same city, and it would be cool if we could pursue a connection and things were going well,” Danny explained. “But on the last night, before the final match-up ceremony, Kai and I sat down and had a conversation and Kai kind of broke up with me.”

Jasmine and Nour

These two did not get along during the first half of the season. The two women were caught in a love triangle with Kai, and things were tumultuous between them until they learned they were a perfect match. During the reunion, Jasmine said she talks to Nour all the time, but they are not currently in a relationship.

Basit and Jonathan

Jonathan was hesitant to date his perfect match because he had his eye on Justin, but after spending time with Basit, he quickly changed his mind. While he didn’t confirm the status of their relationship, Jonathan said the matchmakers definitely got it right. He also said that he and Basit have been spending a lot of time together, which could be a subtle indication that that are still a couple.

Amber and Remy

Amber and Remy are not currently in a relationship. During the show, Remy found himself captivated by Paige and the two pursued a relationship after the show ended.

“We’ve been together ever since,” Paige revealed. “He came over to my place and we’ve spent pretty much every day together ever since.”

Kari and Max

Max and Kari turned out to be a perfect match, but he said he no longer speaks to her and doesn’t want anything to do with her. It seems Kari had sex with Justin, the man Max was completely in love with during the show. After it was revealed that Max and Justin were not a perfect match, he was heartbroken but hoped the pair could rekindle after the show. However, it doesn’t seem like the men are on speaking terms at the moment.

Justin and Kylie

Kylie matched with Justin, but while filming, she had a romantic connection with Kari. Kylie said since the pair hooked up, both Kari and Justin have been trying to reach out to her. She went on to say that she wants nothing to do with Justin because he doesn’t respect her and she’s still upset about the situation.