Instagram Sensation Julia Rose Goes Topless, Licks A Very NSFW-Looking Lollipop In Racy Video

Julia Rose poses for a selfie.
Julia Rose / Instagram

Julia Rose may have just barely stayed within Instagram’s no-nudity rules with her latest topless video, but the model’s lollipop could be getting her into trouble.

Julia shared a very racy video to her Instagram stories on Saturday night, showing off from a modeling shoot that had her going topless while she licked what appeared to be a nipple-shaped lollipop. While Julia stayed strategically covered so as not to violate the social media site’s rules against overt nudity, she seemed to flaunt that a bit with a slow lick of the racy lollipop.

The model’s 2.5 million followers are aware that topless photos and videos are nothing new for Julia Rose, whose feed is filled with pictures that toe the line with Instagram. As The Inquisitr reported, she shared another video this week showing herself sitting in the bathtub fully nude as she ate from a giant plate of spaghetti — which the model cheekily described as her “ideal date.”

Julia’s penchant for very NSFW photos has earned her more than just a huge Instagram following; it’s also helping her gain attention across the celebrity news landscape. Barstool Sports, which in addition to its sports coverage, also keeps an eye on up-and-coming Instagram models to share with its mostly male audience. They recently featured a topless video from Julia showing her driving in the car, using the seat belt to stay as covered up as possible, and suggested some of the company’s branded apparel to help her stay covered up.

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for more boobs and bananas head to @shagmag ????

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But Julia isn’t just letting others profit off her ultra-racy videos. Julia has created Shag Mag, an online magazine featuring other rising Instagram models showing off way more than they can on the social media platform. On the website, Rose said that she hoped to give these women a voice while also featuring artists and entrepreneurs.

“I wanted to create place that was fun but one that still had meaning. There is nothing wrong with sex and nudity, and wanting more of it but I definitely think our generation needs more of a voice,” she wrote. “There are all these beautiful instagram models but who are they really? Who are the upcoming innovators and creators, and what the actual f*ck is going on in the world? So many questions and now there is an answer: SHAGMAG.”

Those who want to see more racy pictures from Julia Rose can check out her Instagram feed.