September 12, 2019
Lizzo Shuts Down Miami Twerking In Baby-Blue Leather Corset, Fishnets, & Glitter Boots

Melissa Viviane Jefferson, aka Lizzo, shut down Miami last night. The fast-rising music face put on a show in front of a crowd reported as sold-out by The Daily Mail, with the newspaper documenting the star's trailblazing stage performance. Lizzo appeared looking her best, and it seems that she delivered some pretty epic moves while on stage. As to just how quickly the 31-year-old's profile is on the up, it appears that the music industry's elite is eyeing her up for collaboration. The Inquisitr recently reported singer Rihanna wanting to do just that with Lizzo.

As The Daily Mail reports, Lizzo rocked up to her concert in an eye-catching number. The star appeared outfitted in a daring wardrobe, although the baby-blue color palette kept things light. Lizzo was rocking a tight and tiny leather corset bearing segmented panels and a cupped bra finish, with leather zips further drawing the eye to the singer's curves. Straps across the chest accentuated Lizzo's cleavage, although the finish wasn't overly provocative. Lizzo paired her all-in-one with racy fishnet stockings and chunky flat boots with glitter elements. Photos showing Lizzo shot in profile further revealed the corset to have a matching train that appeared to float behind her.

The singing may have on-point, but there was plenty of dancing, too, as the newspaper reported the star was twerking on stage.

Of course, this isn't the first twerking moment that Lizzo's fans have been treated to. The singer-songwriter and actress delivered some pretty epic twerking on Instagram recently, with the post currently sitting at over 715,000 likes.

This star may exude confidence, but the early parts of her career came as unsteady. Speaking to Elle, Lizzo revealed that she wasn't sure if she was going to make it, even using metaphors that suggested giving up hope.

"I just felt like I was throwing music into the world and not even making a splash. A tree was falling in the forest and not making a sound, you know? I was crying in my room all day. I said, 'If I stop making music now, nobody would f*cking care,'" she told the magazine.

The fierce attitude manifested, though, with the singer revealing that she just wouldn't quit until she'd made it.
"So I just made the decision to keep going as an artist. And I'm so grateful I did, but it was by the skin of my teeth."
It looks like the strong will paid off. Fans wishing to see more of Lizzo should check out her Instagram account.