Tarsha Whitmore Spills Out Of Gold String Bikini So Tiny, It Should Be Illegal

Tarsha WhitmoreInstagram

Tarsha Whitmore is back in a bikini. The Australian bombshell took a brief break from swimwear by updating her account from a candy floss stand yesterday, but this model doesn’t stay away from her trademark bikinis for long. The 19-year-old has updated her account with what may well be one of her tiniest two-pieces to date. Suffice to say that Tarsha was definitely pushing the boundaries with this look.

Then again, Tarsha has a knack. No matter how tiny the bikini, she’ll pull it off.

Tarsha’s photo today showed her at the beach. The blonde had been photographed from behind, although a turned head from Tarsha managed to capture her face perfectly. The model was planted right on sands as she sat and soaked up the sun, with a look that definitely came prepped for topping up her sizzling tan. Tarsha had opted for a minuscule gold bikini with a barely-there feel, a strung finish, and some woven details just about visible on the swimwear’s rear. While the setting was glitzy, the feel was candid. Tarsha appeared to have been photographed just as she turned around; in fact, her caption precisely suggested that she’d been somewhat caught off-guard.

Tarsha’s photo also delivered her long hair with a slightly darker look than is usually seen, plus a reminder that this girl’s facial features are just as stunning as her bikini-ready body. Spill out of thong bikinis this model might, but her following is just as mindful of her beauty as they are with her assets.

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Oh hey didn’t even see u there x

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The update seems to have proven a hit. Tarsha and her gold bikini racked up more than 11,000 likes in just one hour. The same time frame brought over 160 fans into the post’s comments section.

Tarsha’s rising profile on Instagram has been noticed by more than just her fans. The star is now an official ambassador for Oh Polly. The affordable clothing brand is mentioned in Tarsha’s bio, although the sheer number of updates mentioning the label is a bit of a giveaway. Tarsha now joins the army of models who represent clothing labels. Be it Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Thing, or Hot Miami Styles, there’ll be a gorgeous Instagram star fronting the brand.

Tarsha may show the most loyalty to Oh Polly, but she will name-drop other brands. A recent update from Tarsha gave a nod to Lounge Underwear.

Tarsha has 539,000 Instagram followers. Fans wishing to see what kind of bikini the model rocks next should follow her account.