September 1, 2019
Sommer Ray Celebrates Labor Day Weekend In Tie-Dye Bikini With Apple Pie Ice-Cream

Sommer Ray is awesome in basically every way possible. The 22-year-old fitness model is now loved as much for her infectious personality as she is for her sizzling bikini body. And the star's latest social media activity appears to showcase a bit of both. While the bikini display is a traditional way for Sommer to celebrate the Labor Day weekend, the inclusion of an unusual ice-cream flavor in the post reminded fans that this model likes to do things a little offbeat.

Earlier today, Sommer took to her Instagram stories. The model appeared in her trademark, sun-drenched setting -- her work might keep her in indoor gyms, but Sommer is a lover of the great outdoors and sunshine. The model's story showcased a little selfie action that flaunted her super-fit and curvy frame. She was sporting a look that seemed to tick all the boxes: her tie-dye bikini was colorful and cut in such a way as to show her super-built quads, toned and flat stomach, and all her curves.

With white slides and a matching headband, Sommer seemed to take the outfit's colors in mind. The bikini itself boasted pink and blue hues that matched the sky.

Sommer then posted a video of a spoon scooping out some apple pie ice cream. Clearly, this muscle machine enjoys her sweets every now and then. Sommer even used a heart-eye emoji to accompany the footage.

Bikini and fitness models may be filling Instagram, but it looks like Sommer is making her mark. With over 22 million followers, this blonde appears to have the platform gripped. The star's appeal may be built on her incredible body, but something about Sommer brings a little freshness: lounging by glitzy infinity pools with duck-face poses just isn't how this girl rolls. With a real attitude, zero fear of being goofy, and a smile that always seems to warm hearts, Sommer seems to be the swimwear face that Instagram needs.The model now has her own merchandise line. With updates showing Sommer rocking her gear, it looks like she is also the perfect brand ambassador. Of course, Sommer doesn't dedicate all of her posts to promoting her brand, but those that do promote it seem to pack a real punch.

Fans wishing to see more of Sommer should give her Instagram a follow. Fans wishing to find out a little more about her should check out her Paper Mag feature.