August 31, 2019
'Queen Of Curves' Abigail Ratchford Bursts Out Of Hot Red Bikini Bottoms

Abigail Ratchford is back on the 'Gram. The self-dubbed "Queen of Curves" has appeared in a new Instagram photo that's more than reminded fans of why the brunette opted for the moniker. With a barely-there feel and a swimwear shot, this update likely ticked all the boxes for many of the 9 million individuals subscribing to Abigail's updates.

The photo showed Abigail posing outdoors and poolside. The star had been shot against a mostly-blurred background, and while Abigail being shot in contrasting clarity made her pop even more, fans would likely argue that this sizzler could heat up a snap regardless of the backdrop. The model flaunted her famous curves in a tiny pair of red bikini briefs doubling up as support for two playing cards tucked into her waistline. The swimwear bottoms weren't paired with a matching bikini top. However, Abigail's cropped black top followed the caption-mentioned "poker" theme.

Abigail posed for her photo with mostly full-frontal positioning, showing an open and heavily lip-lined mouth, with her arms held up to her long, signature dark locks. The star's defined facial features were on full display, but her fit and curvy frame was hardly taking a back seat. The tiny red bikini bottoms were pushing the boundaries on minimal material, although this pro seems to be able to handle just about anything.

A caption from Abigail on the photo encouraged fans to start playing the famous card game, alongside a mention for a website that offers an online version of the game, plus a chance to grab a free giveaway.

Abigail's update proved popular, racking up over 73,000 likes in just 19 hours. That same time frame brought over 920 fans into the post's comments section.With a substantial and ever-rising Instagram following, Abigail can now be thought of as one of the platform's heavyweights. The model has been attracting plenty of attention by virtue of her sizzling updates, with what appears to have been enough interest for Maxim to profile her. Abigail revealed that the early days saw her running everything single-handedly.
"I began shooting with different photographers in Philadelphia, New York City, New Jersey, Baltimore and elsewhere. I would take one to two hours every day to contact different sites with my photos and tell them that I was an up-and coming-model. I was my own manager and publicist that first year."
The magazine also asked Abigail when she feels her most sexy.

"I feel sexiest after a shoot when I still have some makeup kind of halfway on, but my hair is all messy and looks like I just rolled out of bed. And I change into like a silk slip or loose t-shirt," she replied.