Farrah Abraham Horrifies Instagram In Snakeskin Bra & Burgers Video With 10-Year-Old Daughter Sophia

Farrah Abraham is back in the news. The former Teen Mom OG star may no longer have a career on the MTV franchise, but her social media activity is alive and well. The 28-year-old has appeared in a family and food-centric update dedicated to breaking down burger brands, but fan reactions to Farrah's Sunday video have proven mixed.

Followers of Farrah's social media will likely already have spotted the pink snakeskin bra and matching leggings, with The Inquisitr already documenting both Farrah's look and Sophia's green hoodie from Farrah's Instagram stories.

Farrah's video yesterday showed a "blind" challenge as Farrah's 10-year-old daughter Sophia was seen blindfolded as she tasted burgers from various well-known chains, with Farrah also giving the tasting test a go with dark shades and eye blindfolds. While the update seemed fun, Instagram appears horrified.

"Omg everything you do makes me cringe. You are so awkward to watch!" proved the most upvoted comment with over 156 likes.

"You can't ever just let Sophia be the center of attention for one whole video, can you?" was also driven up the comments section with over 135 likes.

Remarks expressing negative sentiments sadly took over the comments section, with many fans also slamming Farrah on account of her appearance and plastic surgery.

"You've totally destroyed your face," a fan wrote with 116 others agreeing.

While Farrah is frequently the victim of trolling on social media, the responses left to this video seemed to be expressing genuine sentiments regarding Sophia's profile in the world, plus the extensive cosmetic procedures that Farrah has undergone. Remarks were also made about the somewhat-bizarre updates that frequently land on Farrah's feed.

"Farrah omg you're a freaking joke. Stop please. You're known as the #teenmomfailure. Even Amber Portwood is at your level..." one fan wrote.

"Farrah you need professional help...your daughter will never be normal," another said.

Sophia was also compared to a "robot" by one fan, with another suggesting that she is under some kind of "mind control." These comments likely pertain to the frequent nature of Sophia's promotional posts over on her own Instagram, with many fans feeling that this child does not lead a normal life.

While not all responses were negative, a quick look through the comments section clearly shows a pattern: the most upvoted replies were slamming ones, with fans appearing to be in unison over giving this star the thumbs-down.

Farrah shot to fame on MTV's 16 and Pregnant before becoming a core member of Teen Mom OG. She left the franchise earlier this year, with her career in the adult industry making headlines.

Farrah has 2.2 million Instagram followers.