Dolly Castro Stuns In Nude-Toned Dress With Fishnet Graphics

Dolly Castro takes a selfie in a black crop top.
Missdollycastro / Instagram

Dolly Castro shared a brand new update on Instagram today, and it showed her rocking a form-fitting dress.

The post consisted of two photos, which gave fans a look at her outfit from the front and from the side.

The first photo showed Dolly standing in front of a light, pink chair. She placed her hands on her hips, and smiled while looking to her left. She wore her hair down in a middle part, and curled the ends.

The dress itself had thin straps. The base of the dress was a nude tone, while a fishnet-like design was imposed on top.

In addition, Castro’s second photo showed her posing with her left shoulder facing the camera. She popped her left foot, and accentuated her derriere for the shot.

The model asked her fans to pick which photo they liked more.

Dolly’s fans took the opportunity to tell her exactly what they thought, with plenty of people letting her know that they liked both of the photos.

“You’re beautiful in both Queen,” said a fan.

“You look bella in both,” said another fan, using the Spanish word for “pretty” or “beautiful.”

“Both b’coz they both have my fav woman,” complimented a follower.

Meanwhile, there were plenty of people who chose the second photo.

“This is a tough one two,” said a follower.

“I like the one that shows that booty,” added another follower.

“The greedy side of me says both! If I had to pick though. It would be 2. It is real hard choice though,” said a fan.

There were also people who voted for the first photo, along with other fans that sent Dolly clever compliments.

“I personally love both but if I had to choose one it’ll be la foto numero uno,” said a fan, referring to the first photo in Spanish.

“Man I love to just see this women’s glow on my timeline,” stated a fan.


“The one with you in it,” said another fan.

“That’s a beautiful picture bb keep it up you look great,” said an Instagram user, who didn’t vote for either photo.

And while most of Dolly’s fans seemed distracted by her good looks, there was also a lot going on in the background of the photos.

For example, she placed a brown purse on the edge of the pink chair. It appeared to be light brown, and had gold writing on it, which read “J’Adior.”

There was also a tall, leafy plant and a round table in the foreground with gold decor.