August 18, 2019
'Russian Kim Kardashian' Anastasiya Kvitko Rocks Tiny Bikini That Barely Contains All Her Curves

Anastasiya Kvitko is showing that the nickname "Russian Kim Kardashian" is very well-earned.

The Instagram model squeezed into a tiny green bikini for a recent video clip shared in her Instagram Stories, posing as she promoted a body-sculpting massage therapist. The shot was not unlike the other pictures and videos that make up her Instagram feed, where she shows off her almost impossibly curvy physique for an ever-growing following of fans.

Kvitko is quickly becoming one of the hottest models on Instagram, with a following that rivals models who have the backing of major brands like Victoria's Secret and Sports Illustrated. As the U.K.'s The Sun noted, the Russian model's 38-25-42 figure has played a big role in her rise to fame and earned her comparisons to Kim Kardashian, but Kvitko has shown plenty of savvy and a knack for getting viral attention as well.

As The Sun reported, Kvitko tried to break into the traditional modeling world but was rejected as agencies told her that she was "too fat." But Anastasiya Kvitko wouldn't give up, saying she wanted to make a name for herself in the industry without having to change or get plastic surgery.

She has found that on Instagram, where the often rigid standards and unrealistic body expectations of the traditional modeling industry seem to carry little weight and models that look like Anastasiya's curvy frame can thrive. Anastasiya proudly said that she has not had any work done, and that the photos she shares are not retouched in any way.

The 22-year-old has recently moved from her native Russia to Los Angeles to grow her career, but it seems that her modeling work has her constantly on the go. Anastasiya shares pictures from many sun-soaked destinations, as she travels to a number of tropical locales for her photo shoots.

The model recently shared pictures and videos from a trip to Miami, and her Instagram feed shows her traveling around the globe to show off her fashion and swimwear brands. In fact, nearly every photo and video shared in her feed is promoting some kind of fashion or cosmetic company.

Some of that promotional work is for her own company. Like the social media star behind her nickname, Kim Kardashian, the Russian model has an entrepreneurial streak and recently launched her own fashion line.

Those who want to see more revealing shots from Anastasiya Kvitko can check out her Instagram feed.