August 16, 2019
Jessica Alba Rocks A Plunge Dress

Jessica Alba shared photos from the Teen Choice Awards, where she was spotted in a plunge dress. Her Instagram update has been liked over 263,000 times, and it consisted of two photos and a video.

The first photo of the actress showed her smiling, as she wore her hair down in a middle part with loose waves. The image was cropped above her waist, so it was only possible to see the top of her outfit.

The dress was black with floral accents, including a realistic-looking white flower, green leaves, and what appears to be berries. The low neckline meant that her chest was left exposed. She also appeared to wear a thick, black choker necklace, although it could have been part of her dress.

Alba accessorized with two gold earrings that were shaped like teardrops. Her makeup was simple, consisting of silver eyeshadow, mascara, and light pink lipstick.

Another photo in the set revealed more of her dress, which appeared to be floor-length with a flowy skirt.

Fans rushed in with a ton of compliments for Jessica.

"You are so sweet and beautiful.. xoxo," said a fan.

Many people were taken aback by how young the actress looked.

"U still look great, no wonder with all that organic food. Nice surprise!" noted a follower.

"She looks like her young self again here," added another follower.

On the other hand, some fans focused on the outfit.

"Prettier than ever!! Love this dress," said a fan.

"Love this boho glam," complimented an Instagram user, referring to the video.

"Such a captivating smile," said another fan.

Since sharing this photo, Alba also posted a new update to promote a line of lipstick.

Jessica was seen wearing an eye-catching shade of pink lipstick as she held the product in her right hand. She looked directly at the camera and gave a slight smile with her lips closed. The photo was heavily cropped, so it was hard to see her outfit. However, it appears as if she was wearing a dark jacket with a collar. Jessica's gold earrings were also hard to miss, as they were very large.

The photo was well-liked, receiving over 32,000 likes and plenty of comments.

"Reminds me of the Dark Angel days," said a fan.

"Jessica your [sic] a Queen," declared another fan.

"Just stop.... You're already every boys childhood crush," joked a follower.

Many fans also complimented Jessica's makeup.

"Love Your mascara!!! My new favorite," declared a follower.

"Wow!! Stunning color Jessica!" exclaimed a fan.

"When I grow up, I wanna meet a girl just like you," complimented an Instagram user.