Yanet Garcia Shows Off Flawless Figure In Ultra-Tight Workout Gear

Yanet GarciaInstagram

Yanet Garcia owes her flawless figure and toned muscles to hours spent in the gym working out. The Mexican weathercaster often takes to popular social media site Instagram to show off her toned curves in tight outfits and exercise apparel.

On Monday, the gym buff shared a photo of herself standing at the top of a staircase while wearing super-tight workout gear that showed off every curve of her body. Giving the impression that she was in the middle of running stairs to train her body, the model is featured from the side as she poses with her hands on her hips and her long brown tresses slightly damp with sweat. She dons a gray-and-black sports bra that hugs her chest, in addition to tight navy yoga pants that cling to her body perfectly. The high-waisted pants leave a glimpse of her toned tummy on display.

The social media star finished off the look with a pair of black Nike sneakers and her hair pulled back into a low ponytail with several strands framing her face. She gazes down towards the stairs, showing off a bit of black mascara.

In the caption of the photo, Yanet writes an inspirational message to her fans in Spanish.

The caption roughly translates to “it’s never too late to embark on a new path, live a new story, or build a new dream.” The model ends the message by telling her followers to never give up in all caps.

Yanet’s 11 million followers were impressed with her toned figure and backside, leaving her plenty of compliments and telling her how much she inspires them. Many packed their comments full of emoji, ranging from hearts to heart-eyes and fire.

“You are my motivation!” one Instagram user commented.

“I agree, doing the things you love to do is the best way to live your life. It is never too late to change yourself,” another follower wrote, originally in Spanish.

“Great look! You got this!” yet another fan encouraged.

Over the weekend, Yanet delighted her fans with a video of herself working out in the gym that put her entire backside on full display. In the clip, the model does lunges while holding 80-pound weights. Many of her followers told her how incredible she looked and added that they were so inspired by her and the hard work she does in the gym.

“You motivate me to stick to my workout,” one follower commented.