Ariana Grande Doppelganger Jami Alix Licks Lips In Seductive Selfie

Jami Alix blows kisses in Instagram selfie
Jami Alix / Instagram

Los Angeles-based fashion blogger and social media influencer Jami Alix set Instagram on fire merely an hour ago by sharing a seductive mirror selfie with her 128,000 followers.

While the fashionista is known for flaunting her sense of style as she shows off an array of ensembles on Instagram several times a day, Alix opted to keep things relatively simple in her latest sexy snapshot.

The sizzling selfie featured Alix wearing a simple solid black tank top with spaghetti straps. The deep u-neckline showcased a teasing display of skin as it cut off right at the top of the blogger’s cleavage.

Known for her uncanny resemblance to Ariana Grande, Jami changed things up in the hair department as she rocked a lower ponytail that allowed her locks to flow down her back, instead of going with the usual Grande-style high and tight ponytail.

The celebrity doppelganger’s eyes appeared to be nearly closed as she focused on the screen of her phone while snapping the bathroom selfie. What really turned the heat up a notch for her followers was how she seductively rolled her tongue over her top lip.

One of her hands held the phone while she snapped the photo, and the other hand was used to support her tiny frame as she popped her booty and hips out to the side.

Cutting off just below her hips, Jami looked to have paired the black top with tiny black shorts with red trim that could vaguely be made out near the bottom of the snap.

Alix was definitely the focal point of the picture. Solid white walls, door trim, and an open doorway with a white door going into a dark room were all that could be seen behind her in the image. The way her black ensemble complemented the white background allowed the fashion blogger to flaunt her flawless Ariana Grande-like complexion.

In just an hour since Jami published the sizzling selfie to her account, her followers showered it with over 1,200 likes and more than a dozen comments.

Most kept things simple, calling Jami “gorgeous” or flooding the comment section with heart emoji.

The provocative snap came just five hours before Jami shared a collage of herself flaunting her tiny frame from several different angles as she rocked the same black top with a pair of light blue jeans.

In the older snapshot, Alix decided to ditch the ponytails altogether and let her blonde-and-brunette locks flow down her body in all directions.