Instagram Model Rachel Bush, Wife Of NFL Player Jordan Poyer, Invites Her Sister For Racy Bikini Photo Shoot

Rachel Bush poses in a selfie.
Rachel Bush / Instagram

Rachel Bush is letting her little sister tag along on her most recent racy photo shoot, with the Instagram models showing off in matching thong bikinis and nearly identical physiques.

The curvy models showed off their stuff in an Instagram post that Rachel shared on Sunday afternoon, drawing some rave reviews from Rachel’s more than 1 million followers. Her little sister, Jordan Bush, has become a frequent guest on Rachel’s Instagram feed as both show off their curves.

Sunday afternoons won’t be so carefree for Rachel Bush in a few more weeks. The 21-year-old is married to Buffalo Bills safety Jordan Poyer, who is preparing for the start of the NFL season in a few weeks. The photo shared on Sunday showed Rachel and Jordan enjoying the sun on a tropical beach. Though Rachel hadn’t tagged the photo’s location, she spends much of the year in sunny Southern Florida before migrating up north to the cold and snow of Buffalo for the NFL season.

Rachel has used the attention from her famous marriage to launch her career as an Instagram model, rapidly climbing up the crowded landscape of influencers by sharing racy posts and showing off her curves. She’s even found a way to turn bad press into positive exposure, using the attention for Jordan’s alleged cheating scandal to expand her follower base (and all is well between Rachel and her husband, who are raising a young daughter together).

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Can’t read your mind gotta say that sh*t

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Rachel Bush has become much more than just an NFL wife showing off her stuff on Instagram. As her follower count continues to tick upward, Rachel has branched out in her modeling career, appearing in Maxim and hosting a number of events and fitness classes. She has also built a group of friends of fellow Instagram models who have helped Rachel expand her reach, including Khloe Kardashian, who is a frequent commenter on Rachel’s posts.

That attention is now helping the entire Bush family. Rachel’s younger sister, Jordan, has a growing stature of her own on Instagram, though she is still a far cry from her sister with just over 100,000 followers on Instagram. Rachel has featured Jordan in a number of recent photo shoots, including another one earlier in the week where Jordan and Rachel wore equally revealing one-piece swimsuits.

While Jordan may have a ways to go before catching up to her sister, she is also still a student at Florida Atlantic University, so Instagram modeling is still only a part-time gig for her.

Those who want to check out more from Rachel Bush can take a peek at her Instagram feed, and more from Jordan Bush can be seen on her own Instagram page.