Anna Nystrom Ditches Pants For New Instagram Selfie

Anna Nystrom wears a white bodysuit.
Annanystrom / Instagram

Anna Nystrom ditched pants in her newest Instagram selfie, and it’s getting a lot of attention from her fans. The post has been liked over 123,000 times so far.

In the update, Anna stood in front of a giant mirror with a white frame. She wore a fitted, white crop top with a scoop neck. The model paired this with lacy, blue underwear that rested on her waist.

The model also wore her hair down in a middle part, along with dark purple eyeshadow and dark red lipstick.

Nystrom joked about the size of the teacup that she held in her right hand, as she took the photo with her left.

Behind her was simply a white wall.

Fans left tons of comments for Anna.

“Who noticed the teacup before reading the caption,” said a fan.

“No I was thinking about whats inside the cup??? tea? coffee?? orrrrrr…nothing,” said a follower, who was referring to Anna’s captions.

“Who the h*ll is looking at the cup,” joked another Instagram user.

In addition to the selfie, Anna shared a video clip of her working out. This post, which went live yesterday, has been watched over 313,000 times. It shows Nystrom wearing a long-sleeved black shirt and light pink leggings. At first glance, it almost looked like the pants weren’t there at all.

The clip was taken in a high-ceilinged gym with tons of workout equipment everywhere.

Anna started with pull-ups, then continued with weight work. She did the latter on a workout machine, and later lay on her stomach and lifted free weights.

It was also possible to see that the model wore her hair pulled back in a low ponytail.

Many of the model’s fans seemed impressed by her strength.

“Wow those pull-ups tho,” commented a fan.

“Lol had to do a double take on the leggings!” joked a follower.

“That’s how you create that awesome body,” added another fan.

Others were open about how they thought Anna might be stronger.


“More pull ups.than me! Go girl xx,” said a follower.

On the other hand, Nystrom’s third-newest update was much different. The photos appeared to be professionally taken outdoors. There was a huge lake in the background, as Anna wore a lacy tank top and dark pants.

The first photo showed her from behind, as her hair cascaded down her upper back. The second photo, on the other hand, was a closer look at Anna as she posed with her left shoulder facing the camera.

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