August 7, 2019
Spoilers For Thursday's 'General Hospital': Franco Steps Up & Fans Wonder If Shiloh Will Finally Be Eliminated

General Hospital spoilers tease that viewers will not want to miss Thursday's episode. Shiloh kidnapped Cameron and worked to convince Dr. Cabot to transfer Drew's memories to Cam. Luckily, Franco got a heads-up that the teen needed some adult support, and it looks like things will get quite intense during the August 8 show.

As viewers saw during Wednesday's show, Franco ended up trying to track Cameron down as Elizabeth was frustrated about not being able to get a hold of him. Not only that, but Scott was also annoyed over a parking ticket connected to Cam. As Shiloh and Cabot moved toward starting the procedure to transfer Drew's memories, Franco arrived at the location and came upon the scene.

For some time now, fans have been speculating that Franco would end up getting Drew's memories. Now, some wonder if he will offer to take Cameron's place in order to free the teen. It's not known for certain yet whether that is the direction this will head, but fans are buzzing across social media about what will come next.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Elizabeth will receive a call during Thursday's episode that frightens her, and it seems certain this will be related to this situation with Franco and Cameron. Drew, Jason, Sam, and others are all buzzing about Shiloh's intentions with the flash drive he stole, but at this point, none of them know that he has kidnapped Cameron.

There have been plenty of signs in recent episodes suggesting that Franco might end up getting Drew's memories. The psychic kept talking about how he shouldn't take a drive, and now suddenly she insists that he absolutely had to make the drive. Whether that referred to Franco driving to find Cameron, or perhaps taking the memories from the drive, isn't entirely clear yet.

There have also been hints that Franco would perhaps end up sick or face an enormous personal challenge of some sort. It certainly could be that this comes as a result of the flash drive situation. Franco might end up with Drew's memories, or he could become sick or incapacitated in some way as a result of Shiloh and Cabot trying to perform the procedure and it ending badly.

As Wednesday's episode wrapped up, General Hospital fans suggested that things could go in a different direction. Viewers have been speculating for a while that Shiloh could end up dead, and this would be the perfect scenario to make it happen. Could Franco kill Shiloh and then those involved all work together to cover it up?

At the moment, none of the General Hospital spoilers available for the next couple of weeks specifically mention Shiloh's name. There's a lot coming up with Sam, Jason, Elizabeth, Drew, and Franco, as well as Willow, Chase, and others connected to Shiloh. However, the Dawn of Day leader himself isn't named in what's been released right now.

Fans may appreciate the stellar work of actor Coby Ryan McLaughlin, who portrays Shiloh, but they do not love this character. Given how obsessive and vicious Shiloh has been getting in recent weeks, along with how many people despise him, it certainly seems as if the show might be setting up a murder whodunnit storyline.

The Inquisitr recently shared that actor Billy Miller, who portrays Drew, is leaving General Hospital soon. Could his exit be wrapped into this storyline in some way? Miller's last date in the role isn't known yet, but it is likely coming quite soon.

A lot more should become known when Thursday's episode airs. General Hospital spoilers hint that this situation won't be entirely resolved with the August 8 episode, but fans will have a better idea of just how wild this is going to get as people in Port Charles become increasingly determined to destroy Shiloh.