Creepy Video Shows ‘Normal’ Looking Dayton Shooter Connor Betts In Bar Less Than Hour Before He Opened Fire

A security camera video shows Dayton shooter Connor Betts unarmed and in street clothes at a bar shortly before he committed a massacre.

Crime scene tape blocks off the scene of the Dayton shooting.
Scott Olson / Getty Images

A security camera video shows Dayton shooter Connor Betts unarmed and in street clothes at a bar shortly before he committed a massacre.

A security camera video obtained by CNN sheds new light on the activities of the Dayton, Ohio, mass shooter, 24-year-old Connor Betts, in the hour before he opened fire on a crowded sidewalk outside a bar in the city’s busy nightlife district. In the video, Betts is clad in a T-shirt and short pants with no sign of the body armor he would later wear as he killed nine people, including his own sister, in less than 30 seconds. He is seen standing around in a bar just a short walk from where he would later commit the mass shooting.

The video from a Dayton bar named Blind Bob’s — moments away from the Ned Peppers bar where Betts was gunned down and slain by police, as The Inquisitr reported — shows Betts with his sister, Megan Betts, and a man identified as Betts’ “best friend,” 24-year-old Charles “Chace” Beard.

Though Beard is believed to have been close friends with Betts, his name appeared on a “kill list” reportedly kept by Betts while in high school, according to The Daily Mail, the newspaper which first identified Beard as the man who drove Betts and his sister to Dayton’s Oregon District from Bellbrook, the suburb where they resided. Betts apparently shot Beard during his rampage, but Beard has so far survived and is expected to provide crucial information to police as they investigate the horrific mass shooting.

The security video, viewable below on this page, shows Betts separating from his sister and Beard — who were not said to be romantically involved — and leaving Blind Bob’s bar about 45 minutes prior to when he reappeared armed with what police say was a modified AR-15 semi-automatic pistol. Betts had apparently customized the weapon to take a drum magazine holding 100 rounds of deadly ammunition, according to a USA Today report. Because the weapon is classified as a handgun, it is not subject to laws that restrict short-barreled rifles even though the addition of a “pistol brace” easily extends the gun to be used as a rifle.

Watch the video of Betts in Blind Bob’s bar, courtesy of CNN, below.

In the video, Betts is not wearing the armored vest or black mask that police say he wore before carrying out the mass shooting. Where he kept the weapon, ammunition magazines, and body armor remains unclear. Authorities believe that Betts, Megan Betts, and Beard arrived in the Oregon District in one vehicle, but they also say they have no evidence to indicate that either Beard or Megan Betts knew that Betts brought the weapon or the body armor with him, according to a Daily Mail report.