Jojo Babie Spills Out Of Tiny Pink Bikini


Jojo Babie posts on her Instagram account on a regular basis. So when she went five days without posting a photo of herself, it was something that her fans noticed.

Babie is back though, and she commemorated the return with a skimpy bikini pic. She asked her fans if they missed her in the comments, and it turns out that many of them did.

“Thought I had to [sic] out a [sic] IG amber alert,” joked a fan.

Others simply responded in the affirmative.

“Missed you immensely,” “Absolutely. Your body is just out-of-this-world,” and “Of course! How have you been?” were just a few of the hundreds of messages flooding the photo’s comments section.

The update showed Jojo in a very tiny bikini. It was hot pink with white, tiny polka-dots. The bikini also had bright yellow trim. The top barely covered anything, as the model spilled out of it for the shot. She also wore matching bottoms, with straps that rested very high on her waist.

Jojo held the phone with her left hand and tilted her head slightly to the left. The model smiled slightly with her lips closed, and wore purple eyeshadow.

She also wore her hair down in a middle part with loose waves. While she didn’t wear any necklaces, bracelets or rings, her belly button piercing was visible.

“That’s one h*ll of a welcome back,” responded a fan, who clearly enjoyed the bikini photo.

Babie’s recent photos show her in a variety of revealing outfits, including bodysuits and lingerie sets. But she mixed it up earlier this month when she took a selfie while sporting a white crop top.

The crop top had breasts drawn on, and Jojo paired it with small, black thong bottoms. She posed for the selfie by popping her right hip and placing her right hand by her chest. She playfully stuck her tongue out, while a red couch was visible behind her.

“I feel like the graphics on this t are a small to be accurate,” joked a fan, while another said, “u [sic] found a loophole.” They were likely referring to Instagram’s no-nudity policy.

Other users were distracted by her looks.

“Perfect in every way,” declared a follower, and someone else noted, “thank you babe! I needed that to make my day go by smoother!!!!”

It’s clear that Jojo’s fans adore her, and some declared her the “most beautiful” and “stunning” woman they’ve ever seen.