Heidi Klum Hightails It To Capri, Site Of Her Destination Wedding To Rocker Tom Kaulitz

Heidi Klum has been traveling around the world this past month, going from Paris to Tokyo to Los Angeles to Naples -- and finally to Capri. This final destination is where her second wedding to German rocker Tom Kaulitz will take. Her first was a civil ceremony done on the down low in Beverly Hills on February 22.

Klum touched down in Naples Airport on the way to the Italian island on July 27, according to The Daily Mail.

Her most recent Instagram snap, shared with her 6.4 million followers, showed the model-mogul perched on a balcony overlooking Capri.

Heidi's famous face was pretty much covered by gigantic sunglasses that resembled oversized aviator shades, while her long hair was down and free.

She had a casual bag slung over her shoulder while wearing a lovely white Isabel Marant jumpsuit, the perfect ensemble for a hot day in Italy. Her feet were planted in white Birkenstocks.

While those elements are divine, perhaps the most evident was Heidi's wide smile, something that every bride should master before walking down the aisle.

Klum's traveling outfit, as seen in picture from The Daily Mail, looked very familiar. Perhaps that's because she was wearing the same ensemble in her twerking Instagram picture, the one with the hole in the back, as reported on by The Inquisitr.

However, in today's version of the same outfit, consisting of a green-and-beige striped sweater over a pretty summer floral maxi dress, the statuesque beauty added a jacket tied around her tiny waist.

Perhaps this additional garment was masking her exposed tush, or maybe she had the dress fixed after provocatively dancing on her social media post. Or, maybe she ripped her dress en route to her destination. Or, maybe the hole in her frock that showed her underwear on Instagram was simply a photoshopped flaw. The latter is doubtful, but still a possibility -- although really not very important in the scheme of things.

After all, her trip to Italy was all about getting married a second time to Tom Kraulitz. The handsome musician was with his bride as he rocked an oversized, white V-necked shirt, navy blue trousers, white tennis shoes, and aviator sunglasses.

The pair seemed to be in an easy breezy mood as they moved through the airport in Naples on the way to their coach, which would take them to Capri. There, Heidi Klum and Tom Kraulitz's wedding reception will reportedly take place on a friend's yacht, a particularly lovely venue on which this happily married couple and their guests will celebrate in the appropriate way.