July 27, 2019
Gigi Hadid's Neon Thong Bikini Drives Instagram Into Meltdown, Clocks 1 Million Likes In One Hour

Traffic on Gigi Hadid's Instagram is likely high today. The supermodel has taken to the platform for a sizzling bikini update. Suffice to say that today's swimwear has sent fans a reminder of just why this model is in such high demand.

Gigi's photo showed her shot full-length in front of floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a pool terrace. The 24-year-old was standing on semi tip-toes as she posed against the glass panes with one hand held up to the window frame. The blonde was flaunting her world-famous body in an eye-catching look that ticked boxes for everything from its bright colors to its itsy-bitsy finish. Gigi's neon orange bikini was throwing Instagram a thonged and very peachy booty, alongside a set of legs that were as long as they were bronzed. A tan is an all-around deal for this sensation, though. Gigi's golden skin was glowing; natural daylight pouring in from the windows only seemed to enhance the effect.

Gigi didn't focus on accessories in this post. Gigi's bikini seemed to be the focal point, although a stylish brimmed hat and jewelry on the model's wrists and left ankle added stylish flourishes.

Fans have been losing their minds. Comments to Gigi's snap poured in from the moment the update went live.

"Omg," one fan wrote.

"Love you my world," another wrote.

"Yes!!!" was another reply.

Comments came in by the masses. Words were left in various languages, although many users simply opted for emoji responses. Unsurprisingly, popular emoji included heart and fire ones. The update also appeared to be rocking Instagram will full force, garnering 1 million likes within just one hour of going live.

Gigi may be a standalone A-Lister, but her status in the celebrity world also comes as a power partnership with supermodel sister Bella.

When Harper's Bazaar arranged for 22-year-old Bella to interview her older sister, the world learned a little more about what goes inside the heads of these fashion faces. The feature showed the two discussing their presence on social media, with Bella saying that leaving her domicile only to be faced with crowds can be "awkward." Bella then admitted "[needing]" to flash a grin at "random strangers."

Gigi then voiced her thoughts.

"And if you don't, they're like, "Oh, she looks like a b*tch today,'" she said.

The model did, however, praise her younger sibling.

"You always remember everyone's name, and you always give people hugs," she added.

Fans wishing to see more of Gigi or Bella should follow the stars' Instagram accounts.