Lindsay Lohan’s Topless Pic Sparks Pity: Fans Wonder Where It All Went Wrong

Lindsay Lohan arrives at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal Studios on June 6, 2010
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Lindsay Lohan is making headlines. A self-posted Instagram photo of the actress kneeling on her bed with her dress unzipped and falling off her shoulders was dubbed “topless” by The Daily Mail earlier today. Given the racy amount of chest on show and a dress that seemed on its way off, the newspaper’s description seemed fitting.

It looks like the Mean Girls star and her snap have been garnering some negative remarks. Fans taking to The Daily Mail‘s comments section appear to have been slamming the actress, alongside what seems to be a significant and overwhelming amount of pity. Quite simply, the newspaper’s viewers are wondering where it all went wrong.

“Lost Soul,” one fan wrote.

Another user appeared to recall the redhead’s youth, per their comment.

“Poor LL… she used to be so attractive. I remember a photo shoot when she was probably about 20 – and they were natural shots in bikinis and cover ups, as if taken at a California cottage by the beach. She had a tan, and a great smile, and a hot bod. What happened to the gal? Pretty sad….”

“Her lip fillers are tragic to look is everything else about her,” another user wrote.

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“It looks like her face was photoshopped on to the body.. It looks strange,” was another remark.

A popular comment thread queried why Australia appears to be welcoming the actress onto its television screens. As The Daily Mail reports, Lindsay is currently in the country ahead of her judging role on the country’s version of The Masked Singer.

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Comments left by The Daily Mail‘s readers also honed in on Lindsay’s legs, although these remarks did not appear to pertain to Lindsay’s Instagram update; the newspaper had posted a red carpet snap of the star in its report.

While comments were not exclusively slamming in nature, many did seem to be expressing a sentiment of pity.

“Sad,” one user wrote.

Despite appearing to have toned down her ways since entering her 30s, Lohan seems to still be plagued by her reputation as a former party girl. While this freckled beauty continues to receive praise for her stunning features, some fans seem to feel negatively about her looks.

This Hollywood face became a household name at a young age; fans recalling the 1998 movie, The Parent Trap, will remember a younger Lindsay. The actress remains best-known for her youthful appearances in movies such as Mean Girls and Herbie: Fully Loaded. Lindsay’s recent credits have mostly included reality television.

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