Heidi Klum Seems To Be Seriously Missing Tom Kaulitz In Tokyo After Alleged Secret Wedding

Heidi Klum allegedly got married to Tom Kaulitz in a secret ceremony, according to TMZ. The publication likened it to Justin Bieber's marriage to Hailey Baldwin. It's not a huge surprise for any of Heidi's fans to hear this, however. The two have appeared to be majorly in love with each other ever since they started dating, and Heidi's Instagram feed is filled with sweet videos and photos of them spending time together.

However, right now, Klum is in Tokyo, Japan. From her various captions, it sounds like she's there working on the new Amazon show that she left Project Runway to pursue. And while the supermodel seems very excited about the new show to drop in 2020, it also seems like she's missing her family.

In a post yesterday, Klum revealed in the captions that she's really missing her four babies and the twins. Of course, when she says the twins, she's referring to Tom and his twin brother. She shared an Instagram video of herself eating her meal while watching Tokio Hotel TV.

Not only that, she shared a photo yesterday where she admitted feeling homesick. The post showed Heidi laying on her back in front of a large window overlooking the Tokyo skyline. She wore a longsleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up and placed her left hand on her stomach.

But even with all the distance between her and Tom right now, Kaulitz is still making plenty of appearances on the model's feed. This is because Heidi has been sharing photos of her FaceTiming her new husband, including a post from an hour ago. Just like her post from earlier, Klum enjoyed a meal while watching something on her device. Except this time, she was speaking directly to Tom, who could be spotted smiling while wearing his hair down.

Heidi is arguably looking as fabulous as ever now, and she previously spoke with Redbook Magazine about some of her personal life, including when she feels the most beautiful.

"I love when I go out and I have my hair and makeup done, but I also like it when I'm just with the family because that's real. Seal says it's when I'm pregnant. I always did feel beautiful when I was pregnant, but I do feel more me when I'm my normal size," she noted.

Klum also shared the things she's learned from being a mother.

"To be more simple. Sometimes random things that you wouldn't think mean anything mean so much to them. With kids, you can say, 'Let's go pick some flowers' or 'There's a snail. Let's investigate that,'" she explained.