Demi Rose Spills Out Of Scandalous White Bikini

Gareth CattermoleGetty Images

Demi Rose Mawby is stunning in a white bikini as she poses for the camera in her latest photo.

On Friday, Demi Rose took to her Instagram to share a jaw-dropping photo of herself rocking a tiny white bikini and putting her hourglass curves on display.

In the sexy snapshot, the model is seen standing in front of a vanity as she dons a barely-there, white bikini that leaves little to the imagination as Mawby’s massive cleavage spills out.

Demi shows off her flat tummy, incredible abs, toned arms, and lean legs in the photo, as well as her curvy booty. She had her long, brown hair parted down the middle and styled in sleek, straight strands the fall down her back.

Mawby also rocks a full face of makeup for the snap as she dons darkened eyebrows, thick lashes, and a bronzed glow. Demi adds pink blush on her cheeks, a dark berry color on her lips, and a shimmering highlighter to complete her sexy glam bikini look.

In the background of the picture, another model can be seen sitting behind Demi, as well as multiple dark green plants.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Demi Rose Mawby keeps her outrageous curves in check by hitting the gym and sticking to a strict diet.

According to The Daily Mail, Demi says that her friends call her the healthiest person they know, and she gains weight too easily to cheat on her diet. She’s even revealed she won’t eat cake on her birthday because she watches her figure so closely.

“I try to keep as healthy as I can. With traveling, it’s hard to work out, I travel across the world but try to keep my routine. Everyone says I’m the healthiest person they know. The fattiest thing I will ever eat is nuts and peanut butter,” Demi revealed.

“My figure just gains weight so fast. Any bad thing I eat my body isn’t used to it and just puts on the weight. That means no birthday cake,” the model added of her body type.

The Inquisitr reports that fans have been rallying around Demi as of late after it was revealed that her mother, Christine Mawby, shockingly passed away just eight months after the death of her father.

The model has thanked her followers for their support during the tough time but says she has to push on and continue working.

Fans can see more of Demi Rose by following her on Instagram.