July 7, 2019
Candice Swanepoel Bares Booty As She Enjoys A Shoulder Ride

Leave it up to Candice Swanepoel to take something simple like a ride on her man's shoulders into an eye-catching series of photos for her brand, Tropic of C. In a couple of her newer posts, Candice was spotted getting a ride while wearing a skimpy red bikini. The bottoms were thong-cut, which left her derriere bare. The first photo showed the pair from behind, as the man raised his hands above him. Candice appeared to be finding her balance as she had her arms out too. Her hair was pulled up into an impressive bun.

A second photo of the two of them showed Swanepoel smiling. While both of their backs were still facing the camera, Candice looked over her right shoulder to flash a smile. The photos were taken on a beach, and captured the essence of summer very well.

While the model has been busy promoting her Tropic of C swimwear, she's also been keeping her fans updated on her daily life through her personal account. The newest photo was geotagged in Rome, and showed her walking the catwalk. Her outfit was quite chic and layered, with interesting color combinations.

The model also wore a blunt bang-cut wig that was jet black. This was a departure from her natural look, but she absolutely rocked it. Candice also walked with a colorful turquoise handbag. The Instagram update has received over 96,000 likes so far.

And for fans, it wasn't a huge surprise to see her in Rome when she'd previously shared an Instagram shot from the Sistine Chapel. The photo that Candice used to reveal this was quite nice, as it was a black-and-white image. The model was in the shadows in the foreground, with the Sistine Chapel looking as magnificent as ever in the backdrop.

Previously, Candice opened up about her South African heritage. Elle joked that she was "living" a Mean Girls quote, as they referred to the scene when Karen asked Lindsey Lohan's character "why" she's white if she's from Africa.

"Yeah, that Mean Girls scene, it's a real thing. Also, people think I have lions in my backyard. I mean, I grew up on a farm. I didn't have lions in the garden but I did go on safari for holiday, and we had animals on our farm. I'm actually going back home tomorrow, because it's my dad's birthday, and everyone wants to meet the baby. It's his first time, going back to his little African roots!"
She also discussed what it can be like to feel pressure to "get" a pre-pregnancy body back.

"Because once you have a kid, what random people say on the internet is even less relevant to your life. You've got to think about other things," she added.