Ana Cheri Turns Up The Heat In Perky Booty Video Wearing Thong Bathing Suit

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Ana Cheri has been enjoying the summer temperatures lately. The brunette bombshell has taken to Instagram to share snaps of some of the racy swimwear she has managed to find this year, and her followers are loving everything she posts. Tuesday was no different, as she shared a video in which she modeled a tiger print thong bathing suit.

In the video, the beauty was standing in thigh-high water in a swimming pool. The video began with a side view of the Instagram sensation, which showed plenty of side boob before she turned around. She then stepped up on a stair and turned to show her perky booty to the camera. She paused for a moment, to adjust a strap on her bathing suit, while giving the camera a full view of her derriere. If that was not enough, the model turned around to show off her busty figure. She leaned against the side of the pool and posed for the camera. The social media star showed she can rock a bathing suit while wearing a baseball cap.

In the video’s caption, Cheri told fans to ignore the mosquito bite on her bottom.

Her fans, thrilled with the video, hardly noticed the bite at all.

“I could watch this ALL day… if I wasn’t at work,” one fan said.

“I instantly forgot what I was doing,” said another.

Cheri might be one to turn up the sex appeal in her photos and videos, but many women often compliment the model on how she looks.

One user asked, “Is it acceptable for moms to wear this?! If so I’m buying.”

Cheri responded to the comment by saying, “yaaaasss mama tiger!”

The fitness model is no stranger to showing off her fabulous curves in swimwear. In fact, some of her sexy Instagram shots are enough to send pulses racing.

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While Cheri makes looking fabulous in bathing suits seem easy, the brunette does have to put in the work. In an interview with Muscle & Fitness, the self-proclaimed girly-girl said she loved working her legs with lower body exercises.

“I also deadlift. My max was 205 lbs. and I’m like 125 lbs. I was really proud of myself on that one!” she said.

Cheri has amassed a following of over 12 million followers on Instagram, and her popularity shows no signs of slowing down.

Fans who don’t want to miss a post can follow Cheri’s Instagram account, which she has been updating daily.