Ana Cheri Busts Out Of Scandalous Snake Thong Bikini, Fans Call It ‘Mindblowing’

Ana CheriInstagram

Ana Cheri has sent out her latest Instagram update. The fitness model is known for showcasing her muscular curves in skimpy swimwear; Ana’s June 15 update is proving no exception.

Today’s super-sexy snap sees the 33-year-old showcasing her curves in a tiny serpent-print two-piece. The California native seems to have chosen a clever setting – standing in front of a mirror has afforded Ana the opportunity to flaunt the swimwear’s front and back in a single shot. While the image’s foreground sends out Cheri’s curvy rear via thong briefs, the mirror she’s posing in front of catches the super-revealing upper. The snap sends out major cleavage, femininity, and a caught-off-guard expression. The latter definitely adds atmosphere.

Ana took to her caption to refer to the reptile-like feel from today’s swimwear. Fans, however, seem to have picked up on the model’s overall appeal rather than the attire.

“Your latest pics are mindblowing,” one fan wrote.

“Absolutely stunning…you are truly a woman’s fitness goal hope you have a wonderful trip” was another comment.

While the “mindblowing” response appeared to come from a male account, the “fitness goal” comment seems to come from a female user. Cheri’s sex appeal might attract millions of male followers to her account, but this super-active sensation is just as popular with Instagram’s women.

Admittedly, today’s getup is a touch on the scandalous side. That said, Ana has a knack for modeling risqué bikinis without entering unsavory territory. Her super-fit body seems to be the basis for her popularity, and the star appears to be capitalizing on her success. As Ana’s Instagram bio announces, she is the CEO of three fitness brands. The sports-centric companies cater to both men and women.

Ana’s fans may throw out compliments centering around her physique, but it does seem that they pay attention to the small details. Ana’s June 14 Instagram update shows a healthy al fresco meal in Cabo, Mexico – clearly, this brunette is on vacation. Today’s comments might largely be throwing out praise for the model’s curves, but they do wish Ana a good trip.


Ana’s sizzling bikini has proven popular. Today’s snap racked up over 61,000 likes within 46 minutes of being posted. Over 1,000 comments were left in the same time frame.

“You are my favourite on Instagram! And if you reply to this I’m gonna be the happiest man on Earth!” one fan wrote.

It appears to be their lucky day. Cheri personally replied to the fan’s comment with thanks.

Ana has 12.3 million Instagram followers.