Kim Kardashian’s Trainer Shares Reality Star’s Secrets To Getting Her Famous Tiny Waist

Michael LoccisanoGetty Images

Last month, Kim Kardashian left fans in wonder and awe when she arrived at the 2019 Met Gala with a perfect hourglass shape to her body and the tiniest waist imaginable. Many believed her look was the result of a rib removal procedure, but according to Kardashian’s personal trainer, Don-A-Matrix, her waist was all natural thanks to a rigorous diet and exercise routine. He revealed her secrets in a new interview with Hollywood Life.

“We work primarily on weight loss/burning fat through intense, controlled workouts – like my Don-A-Matrix signature workout method,” he told the publication.

Don admitted that Kardashian already has a particularly small waist, which helps the toning process. However, they do still focus on “multi-functional movement” exercises, such as squats. Specifically, Kardashian trims down her waist with mountain climbers, bosu crunches, and bosu twists. Meanwhile, Kardashian tones her famous butt with squats and lunges.

“You can do a jump switch lunge. This involves you jumping into the air and landing in a lunge on the bosu ball – to be repeated 20 times,” Don continued.

As for dieting, Don explained that he doesn’t push too much of a routine on Kardashian, but he does encourage her to eat fruits, vegetables, proteins, and grains. He also makes sure that she knows to stay hydrated.

Although Kardashian and her famous sisters are often called out for Photoshopping their bodies, Don insisted that the reality stars do all the work themselves.

“[The Kardashians] have great attitudes when it comes time to work and overall, they really do work incredibly hard to stay in top shape and to get the results they have – and it shows,” he said.

Kardashian arrived at the Met Gala this year, which boasted a “Camp” theme, wearing an ultra-tight, curve-hugging orange dress complete with a corset-style center and a low-cut top that showed off her massive chest. Likewise, her thighs and backside looked large and toned, while her waist remained as tiny as ever.

When Kardashian shared her look on Instagram, many trolls flocked to her posts to call the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star out for rib removal, Cosmopolitan reported. Several users insisted that simple dieting and exercise could not have achieved the look. Rather, they thought she must have had bones removed from her waist.

Kardashian’s second personal trainer, Melissa Alcantara, jumped to the mother-of-four’s defense in the comments, noting that the dress was corseted to accentuate her small waist. Moreover, Alcantara also insisted that Kardashian puts in all the work to achieve her look.

“Kim trains her a** off 6 f***ing days a week, she wakes up early af and is dedicated,” the trainer said, according to Capital XTRA.