Jennifer Aniston, 50, Defies Age In Incredibly Short & Skintight Leather Dress

Rich FuryGetty Images

Jennifer Aniston is proving that she is aging in reverse with her latest sexy look.

As fans of the Friends actress know, Aniston has stayed in incredible shape over the years thanks to yoga and other exercises. And though she’s 50-years-old, she definitely doesn’t look it. Currently, Aniston is making her press rounds to promote her new Netflix film, Murder Mystery, with co-star Adam Sandler. Last night, the pair hit the red carpet for the movie premiere at the Regency Village Theatre in Los Angeles, and photos published by The Daily Mail show Jen looking nothing short of amazing in an all-black outfit.

Jen took time posing for shots with Sandler while also posing for a few solo shots as well. The ageless beauty looks nothing short of stunning in an all-leather, sleeveless dress that hugs her every curve. The sultry little outfit features somewhat of a turtleneck top and leaves little to the imagination with the bottom of the dress hitting well above her knee — showcasing her long and lean stems. The dress features a leather belt around the waist, and in some of the shots, Jen put her hands in the pockets of the outfit.

The actress wore her signature blonde locks down and straight along with a fresh face of makeup complete mascara, blush, and eyeshadow. She completed her look with a pair of strappy black heels. For his part, Sandler dressed down in a pair of jeans, a navy polo shirt, and an orange, white, and blue Fila jacket.

As fans know, Jennifer is no stranger to showing off the body that she has worked so hard for in a number of sexy outfits. And as The Inquisitr shared last week, the bombshell also has no problem posing naked for spreads — something that she has done on a number of occasions. During an interview with her pal, Ellen DeGeneres, Ellen left no question off-limits. In part of the segment, Ellen shared a few NSFW photos from Jen’s most recent photo shoot on the big screen for her audience before asking the actress whether or not she actually likes to pose nude for the camera.

“I love it! I’m not ashamed,” Aniston told DeGeneres. “No one should be.”

Ellen then went on to push the envelope even further, asking Aniston if she would be interested in posing nude on the show, to which Jennifer replied, “Only if you did it with me!”

Of course, the two ladies didn’t end up posing naked together on stage, but it’s safe to say that Jen is very comfortable in her own skin.

Murder Mystery drops on Netflix on June 12.