Dove Cameron Pops Out Of Lacy Black Lingerie, Flaunts Plunging Cleavage And Bare Thighs

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Dove Cameron is mostly known for her iconic cherub face. This girl can up the ante, though. Dove’s latest Instagram snaps have been channeling some major bombshell vibes – with a little attitude from her caption.

On June 1, the Descendants actress updated her Instagram as she posted two, low-frills snaps. Despite the DIY feel, the photos are getting plenty of backup from the 23-year-old’s frilly outfit, a camisole-like top in lacy blacks. Strappy, sexy, and low-cut, the feminine number is flaunting this blonde’s plunging cleavage and feminine curves. Also on show are Dove’s porcelain thighs. Her legs appear bare. The snaps are finished with Cameron’s signature light curls, bold-red lips, and rosy cheeks.

Pinning down Dove’s facial expression is tricky here. While she is staring into the distance, viewers can’t see what she’s looking at. She seems neither happy nor sad. The confident caption seems to have ruled out the latter, though. It also appears to be a lyric from Lana Del Rey’s song “Carmen” – given that Dove recently posted a similar Instagram photo captioned with the song’s “Carmen Carmen” lyrics, it’s looking strong in terms of references.

Fans have been picking up on the caption.

“lying to herself cause her licour’s [sic] top shelf?” one user wrote.

The words are straight from Del Rey’s song.

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doesn’t have a problem

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Clearly, fans have cottoned on.

This isn’t the first time Dove has referenced music in her Instagram updates. Just recently, Dove posted a sultry video of herself listening to French singer Edith Piaf’s “La Vie en Rose.” The video — seen above — has been viewed over 940,000 times. It came with all the old-school vibes in the world, plenty of Hollywood glam, and Dove’s trademark bombshell looks.

Activity on Cameron’s Instagram has been heating up for Descendants 3 and its August release date. Fans used to seeing Dove with blonde locks should prepare themselves for a change – the actress comes with bright purple hair in this TV movie.

Elsewhere, Dove’s Instagram has been manifesting some promotional activity – with 25.1 million followers, that isn’t surprising. The month of May saw Dove announce her partnership with automotive giant Fiat. She has also taken to the platform for a Sugar Bear Hair vitamins promotion. The candy-colored supplements are also promoted by members of the Kardashian-Jenner family.

Dove’s racy lingerie snaps had racked up over 700,000 likes and over 2,000 comments within 13 hours of being posted.