Kinsey Wolanski Pictures: Racy Images, Video Of Champions League Streaker Go Viral After Pitch Invasion

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Kinsey Wolanski had the most viral moment of the Champions League final, and now the pitch invader is getting some viral attention of her own.

The model and girlfriend of famous Russian YouTuber Vitaly Zdorovetskiy gained worldwide fame when she ran onto the pitch during the match between Liverpool and Tottenham on Saturday wearing some very revealing swimwear. The curvy blonde was identified within a few hours, with The Sun noting that the event was a boon to her popularity.

“Her antics sent the 22-year-old’s Instagram followers from 230,000 followers to over a million in the space of a night,” the report noted.

Since the report was published, Kinsey’s subscriber count has continued to soar, reaching 1.4 million in the early morning hours on Sunday and continuing to rise at a clip of several hundred thousand.

The report noted that Kinsey Wolanski shared on Instagram a bit of her motivation for running onto the pitch during one of the most-watched matches of the year, which amounted to something of YOLO.

“STREAKING THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE! Life is for living, do crazy things that you will remember forever,” she wrote.

Kinsey also had a bit of promotion in mind during her pitch invasion. Her revealing swimsuit bore the words “Vitaly Uncensored,” the name of her boyfriend’s prank website, which features adult content, 247 Sports noted.

As the site added, Vitaly has a history of similar pranks.

“Zdorovetskiy was in the stands as Wolanski ran on the field. He recorded the footage, and then posted multiple times to his Instagram account,” the report noted. “Zdorovetskiy has over two million followers on Instagram. The YouTuber himself has a history of running onto the playing area at sporting events, and says he is banned from every stadium. In order to access the stadium, Zdorovetskiy wore a disguise that included a fake beard.”

Before her viral jaunt across Atletico Madrid’s Wanda Metropolitano stadium, Kinsey Wolanski had already made a name for herself by appearing in Sports Illustrated and Maxim, the Sun’s report noted.

The hundreds of thousands of new subscribers to Kinsey Wolanski’s Instagram page were treated to some very racy photos and video, including one of her being led off the pitch at the Champions League final while showing off plenty of skin.

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Did I distract #8 a little too much?

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In another shot from earlier in the day, Kinsey rocked a similarly skimpy red thong swimsuit.

Nearly all of her pictures were flooded with comments from her new fans, many impressed at her skin-baring shots.

Kinsey Wolanski will now face charges for her pitch invasion, but the exposure she and her boyfriend received may have been well worth the penalty.