Bad Bartending Video From Nearly A Decade Ago Goes Viral Again

Ilya S. Savenok Getty Images

A video went viral on social media Thursday that features a young woman standing behind a bar providing a “tutorial” in how to make the drink known as the Old Fashioned, and doing so in a way that appears completely wrong. She spills the drink. She pours “bitters” that appear to be invisible. She pours an entire glass and calls it “two ounces.” And she sloshes the drinks between two pint glasses.

The video led to expressions of horror, and also extreme laughter, from many who watched it. But the clip, it turns out, isn’t new, and it’s not even the first time it’s gone viral.

A Twitter account called Turing Police tweeted the video this week, and it had already gotten over a million views as of Thursday night. But the video is nearly a decade old, and this is at least its fourth cycle of going viral.

A website called Killing Time reported about the video back in June of 2014, although that site said that the video had been up for nearly four years by that point. The bartender’s name is JaNee Nisonger, and the video- and many others also featuring Nisonger making other drinks- was posted to the now-defunct website

The clips had additional cycles of virality in 2016 and 2017, with Twitter personality Jesse Farrar sharing the video the latter year.

The original videos were taken down from Mahalo’s YouTube channel at some point, but have been reproduced elsewhere on the Internet.

Despite those earlier cycles, a lot of people amused by the bartending effort were clearly seeing the videos for the first time.

“This is the single most disturbing, offensive thing I have ever witnessed and I’ve seen SALO OR THE 120 DAYS OF SODOM at least a dozen times,” David Fear said on Twitter, referencing the notorious Italian film from 1975.

“Absolutely ROTL at this abomination. The wooden spoon, the invisible bitters, the ice, the bourbon pour, the spilling,” film writer Scott Tobias tweeted.

Many others commented about the fits of uncontrollable laughter that resulted from them watching the video. Others noticed that she had committed the cardinal bartender no-no of scooping ice with a glass.

While Nisonger’s video has gone viral repeatedly, it’s not the only viral video in recent years of subpar work behind the bar. A Texas man who volunteered to bartend at a friend’s wedding despite not knowing what he was doing became a minor viral sensation back in the summer of 2008, per My San Antonio.