Rosanna Arkle Busts Out Of Leopard-Print Bikini, Arches Back, Flaunts Thonged Booty

Rosanna Arkle takes a lingerie selfie
Rosanna Arkle / Instagram

Rosanna Arkle is loving the pool life. The Australian model has updated her Instagram with a sun-drenched picture, and it’s throwing fans as many rays as it is curves.

Rosanna’s April 21 picture sees her in a tiny orange bikini with a leopard-print upper. The string two-piece is minimal on the material, but it’s flaunting this model’s body to the max. High-strung at the waist, the lower comes in thong form. While Arkle’s back-lying position isn’t flashing a full-frontal thong, the briefs don’t appear to be anything more substantial. Rosanna’s muscular and curvaceous behind is on full show, and an arched back accentuates it.

Likewise daring is the bikini’s upper. An orange band matches material from the briefs here, although eye-catching leopard prints around the chest draw the eye. They’re not covering much, though. Arkle’s look is flashing some major side boob. Given that Rosanna is posing with her bikini-ready body on show though, it would seem that being the picture’s focal point is intentional. Arkle’s physique is enviable, but so is the setting. A picture-perfect backdrop of sunny greenery and blue skies frame Rosanna’s sunbathing spot, and waters from the nearby pool are clear-blue.

Ironically, while the waters are clear enough to generate a human reflection, Rosanna’s caption has referenced the scenario slightly differently – as the caption states, her rear is “so shiny you can see ya reflection in it.”

Fans have been leaving their thoughts. Interestingly, many come from accounts appearing to be female. A user seeming to be named Ruby left their reaction in a comment.

“Your figure [sic] Perfection Rosanna”

Black-heart and crown-wearing emojis accompanied the words.

A figure-flaunting display is to be expected from this Instagram sensation. Be they lingerie snaps, swimsuit selfies, or stylish athleisurewear looks, Arkle’s updates come complete with curves. They likewise show a girl who likely works out. While Rosanna’s updates don’t tend to show her in the gym, her muscles point towards someone who leads an active lifestyle. All the more reason to kick back and enjoy the sun.

Arkle’s fierce curves have earned her an Instagram following of 4.6 million. While fellow models with similarly healthy followings often have bios littered with promotional announcements, Rosanna appears to have none. She will, however, collaborate with brands on a lower level via shout-outs.

For the most part, though, Rosanna takes to Instagram for what looks like a fun, colorful, and stylish life. Her account is followed by high-profile fitness model Ana Cheri. Also following Arkle are fellow models Abby Dowse, Eriana Blanco, and Katya Elise Henry.