These Top Trump Allies ‘Want Other Men To Make Love To Their Wives,’ And One Columnist Wants To Know What’s Up

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Donald Trump allies Paul Manafort and Roger Stone — Trump’s 2016 campaign chair, and his longtime friend and adviser — have both faced serious charges in the Russia investigation, with Manafort now serving a seven-and-a-half-year sentence in federal prison, as NBC News reported, and Stone facing a trial on lying under oath and obstruction of justice charges later this year.

But a Washington D.C. “insider” columnist on Wednesday focused instead on the personal lives of Manafort and Stone, asking the question of why both top Trump allies — who are so devoted to Trump that they appear willing to go to prison rather than cooperate with prosecutors against him — share a similar quirk. According to the Spectator Magazine columnist “Cockburn,” evidence has shown that both Manafort and Stone “have had a penchant for having other men make love to their wives, while they watch.”

According to the columnist, who writes his column under his single-name pseudonym, Trump’s current national security adviser John Bolton was also once the subject of similar rumors — rumors that have not been verified, but which Bolton has never denied. But with Manafort and Stone, their preferences for “cuckolding” — that is, watching other men have sexual relations with one’s own wife — appear to be more than mere rumors.

As Cockburn himself reported in an earlier Spectator column, leaked text messages between Manafort’s adult daughters discuss Manafort’s seeming obsession with forcing his wife, their mother, to engage in group sex activities, having sex with multiple other men while Manafort would allegedly film the activity.

JohnBolton scratches his chin.
Trump National Security Adviser John Bolton has also faced allegations of 'swinging.'Featured image credit: Mark WilsonGetty Images

“It is not merely prurient to reproduce these intensely private exchanges,” Cockburn wrote. “Manafort moved in the same social circles (as Trump), where it appears that group sex, public sex, or just weird sex was not unusual.” The implications, Cockburn wrote, are important due to public speculation that Trump may be “compromised” by Russia due to unorthodox sexual activity — such as the rumored “pee tape,” the allegation that Trump was filmed watching Russian prostitutes perform a “golden showers” urination show in a Moscow hotel suite, as The Inquisitr has reported.

In the case of Stone, the “cuckolding” activities appear to have been consensual. Stone and his wife have placed advertisements on “swinger” websites and newspapers, looking for men willing to have sex with Stone’s wife in “threesomes,” according to an investigation by The Smoking Gun.

According to an extensive survey of American sexual fantasies by psychologist Justin Lehmiller, author of the book Tell Me What You Want: The Science of Sexual Desire and How It Can Help You Improve Your Sex Life, while the most common sexual fantasies among Democrats involve “gender-bending” and “BDSM,” according to a report on the study by Psychology Today, “Republicans craved orgies, swinging, cuckolding, and fetishes.”

In an effort to find out exactly why top Trump allies appear drawn to “cuckolding,” Cockburn consulted sex expert “Dr. 36,” author of the blog, The Cuckold Consultant, who explained, “To be cuckolded is to feel alive, since engaging in cuckolding causes a man to want his partner again with all the intensified feelings about risk and possible denial.”