Thonged Hannah Palmer Kneels By Refrigerator In Outrageously Tiny Lingerie

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Hannah Palmer knows how to tease her fans. The Maxim model has her lingerie poses down to an art, and today is more than proving it.

On May 8, the Arizona-born bombshell updated her Instagram. A group of five pictures show this blonde for the icon she’s become – Hannah may not have won Maxim‘s 2018 Cover Girl competition, but she left her mark.

Today’s update sees Hannah in lacy black lingerie. It also features a refrigerator. In the first picture, Hannah is kneeling in front of it. Black-and-white floor tiles and minimal lighting are low-frills, but something about this girl’s cheeky expression is upping the ante. Hannah is clutching a wine bottle. She also looks somewhat caught-off-guard. The refrigerator show olives and various condiments, but this model appears to have chosen the appliance’s alcoholic contents. In what is ultimately an extremely eye-catching snap, Palmer looks right at the camera. It’s as if she’s been ambushed in a naughty moment.

Fellow model Nicki Andrea threw Hannah the ultimate compliment via a comment.

“The hottest girl to ever live.”

Another fan picked up on the possibly naughty scenario in the first picture.

“You are one baaaad chick.”

Other fans called Palmer “way too hot” and “perfection.”

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film by @samdameshek

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The second, third, and fourth pictures take on a different setting. They lose the refrigerator in favor of foliage with a white background. They also bring something new. Hannah’s refrigerator snap hadn’t fully clarified the thong nature of her underwear. Suffice to say that the ensuing pictures make it more than clear – this peachy rear is thong-clad. The fifth picture showcases the model’s sensational cleavage, ultra-lacy bra, and deep blue gaze.

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malibu barbie vibes @fashionnova

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Lingerie or bikini-clad curves are to be expected on Palmer’s Instagram. Whether she’s donning two-piece pink swimsuits or black ones with matching hats, Hannah has nailed modeling all things swimwear. The same seems applicable to underwear. Clothes will, however, be donned on occasion. Earlier this week, Hannah posed in a cropped white tee for a close-up. While her signature bikinis were absent, the post came well-received. It was braless and flaunting some major underboob. The picture (seen below) racked up over 69,000 likes.

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come over

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Hannah has 647,000 Instagram followers. Modest as her following may be compared to some of her peers, Hannah’s social media grip has been noted. It’s also been capitalized upon. Hannah’s bio proudly introduces her as a KO Watches partner.

Less about the watches and more about who’s watching her, today’s update is proving popular. “My fav pics of u ever” was just one of hundreds of comments.