Swedish Model Anna Nystrom Shows Off Pert Bum In Cheetah Print Mini Dress On Instagram

Swedish bombshell Anna Nystrom showed off her fierce figure on Instagram on Sunday with a photo of herself wearing a cheetah print mini skirt with black stiletto heels. It looks like Nystrom decided that the dress was enough of a show-stopper, as she appears to have opted not to accessorize the look with jewelry. She wears her long blond locks around her shoulders, though, which do a great job of framing her face.

Several of her 7.7 million fans seemed very appreciative of her fashion choices. The photo currently has over 51,000 likes and close to 1,000 comments, as of this writing. Most of the commenters gushed over the beauty of the photo. One infatuated fan even compared her to a popular Game Of Thrones character.

"Looking like the shredded version of Daenerys Targaryen from GoT!" he wrote.

Another waxed poetic about Nystrom's physical attributes, "You are a dream of a woman, of those dreams that we are traveling awake and if we are sleeping is the dream of which one does not want to wake up."

But any fan who wants to date the 26-year-old model is out of luck. As she indicates in the caption of the photo, she's wearing that seductive animal print dress to dinner with the love of her life.

Nystrom is a Youtuber and back in 2018, she did a Q&A video with an unnamed guy who seems to be her boyfriend, based on their interactions, and conversation. He also appeared in a video that she uploaded in April.
Nystrom posted a clip from the video on her Instagram page, and several of her fans speculated that the mystery man could be her boyfriend. Some websites like The Famous People have claimed that she's dating popular male fitness model Ako Rahim, but he's not the man in her videos.It's pretty clear that Nystrom wants him to retain at least some of his privacy by not sharing his name or social media handles. That information would likely trigger a wave of angry comments from disgruntled fans with unrequited love for the fitness model.Those millions of fans have allowed Nystrom to become a successful social media influencer. According to an article by Business Insider in September 2018, she earns an estimated $10,250 per sponsored post. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, she has previously done promotional posts for Skinny Mint Tea, Lush, and Wellington. She's also considered Sweden's leading influencer.