Heidi Klum Goes Braless Under Mesh See-Through Bodysuit On Instagram

Heidi Klum shared a brand new Instagram post, and it appears to be a throwback photo. A fan noted that they think the image is from the early 2000s, and it features Heidi in a red mesh bodysuit. She went nude underneath, and wore her hair in loose waves. She sat on the ground with her left knee propped up, and played with her hair. Heidi smiled widely, and posed in front of a multi-colored background with horizontal stripes.

The supermodel has been on a roll today, sharing multiple photos from around the same time. Around the time she shared the bodysuit photo, she also posted a sultry Instagram image where she wore an untied bikini. Heidi sat on the edge of a diving board at a pool, as her hair was slicked back. She played with one of the bikini strings with her right hand, and there was water sprinkling behind her.

But her final post was much different, as she posted a couple of photos posing with the Kaulitz twins. Her fiancé, Tom, was spotted to her left wearing a colorful outfit including a shirt with a camo-like design and a sparkling dark jacket on top. The captions revealed that their band began their newest tour today, so she noted that she's missing the boys.

In addition, Heidi plugged Tokio Hotel via her Instagram Stories. She played a clip from a song called "Love Who Loves You Back," as the video zoomed in on a Minnie Mouse coffee cup.

And while fans wait to hear more hints of Klum and Kaulitz's eventual wedding, it looks like Heidi is keeping her focus also on her brand of lingerie and swimwear. Previously, she noted to You Magazine what fashion means to her.

"I can be many different people. This is why fashion is so powerful and what I love about it. If I have a meeting, I am all business. I want people to respect me. But there are days where all I want is to be in comfy, baggy boyfriend jeans and trainers, and that will be my vibe for that day."
"I do have certain German, how would you say it, attributes such as punctuality and trustworthiness... And I am not afraid to say when I think something is not right... I find a reasonable argument to explain why something should be done differently," Heidi added, describing her personal attributes that she believes helped her throughout her career.