Instagram Model Bianca Ghezzi Goes Fully Nude As She Celebrates LA Move

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Moving to the City of Angels is always worth celebrating.

For Italian model Bianca Ghezzi, April 8, 2019, is making it official. This European Instagram sensation is set to call Los Angeles her home, and she’s making sure her 489,000 followers know it.

Posing fully nude in a black-and-white photograph, Ghezzi’s April 8 photo doesn’t require much of a clothing description. Since none is being worn, the focus is solely on this blonde’s feminine curves. A wristwatch on Bianca’s left hand appears to be the only accessory. With her chest pushed up against a wall and her rear on show, Ghezzi is, indeed, showing the world why modeling is her job.

“*books flight to la*”

One fan seems particularly keen to join Bianca in her new home.

“Do you own clothes?”

Another comment questions Bianca’s nudity. The user may, however, wish to scroll further down Ghezzi’s account. While this girl’s outfits are certainly on the skimpy side, there is plenty of evidence that Bianca has a wardrobe. On March 14, Ghezzi took to Instagram in an off-the-shoulder white top. Admittedly, a bra seemed to be missing, but the picture was not clothing-free. Bianca frequently dons bikinis and lingerie for her updates. Then again, she will go topless (and not alone).

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On April 5, The Inquisitr reported Bianca going fully nude in a “twinning” selfie. Posing with fellow model Katie Bell offered fans a double dose of curves, alongside getting the thumbs-up for anyone digging Bell with no clothing.

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???? @ignite #ad #sponsor #ignitecbd

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A double act isn’t the limit for this girl, though. February 24 brought triple the effect, as Ghezzi posed in thong underwear with two fellow models. Credit where it’s due, Ghezzi knows how to keep her fans entertained.

While the April 8 update may fall into the nude category, it’s not without taste. The photography has a classy side. Ghezzi’s curves form elegant shadows amid a background showing an open window and outdoor greenery. The setting further shows casually strewn cushions. Ghezzi’s watch also comes as unusual.

With a caption that highlights her excitement at moving to Los Angeles, Ghezzi is also using caps. The West Coast city is the world’s hub for blonde, busty models – the move will likely boost Ghezzi’s career. So far though, it seems to be going well, regardless of her location. Ghezzi is a spokesperson for CBD brand Ignite. Promotional content doesn’t litter Bianca’s account, although it does pop up. Presumably, fans will receive further updates once Bianca has settled into her new home.