Amanda Seyfried Fans Call For Accounts Sharing Resurfaced Explicit Images Of The Actress To Be Reported

Amanda Seyfried is a popular American actress known for a variety of roles, including her smash debut in Mean Girls and later Mamma Mia. However, now she is getting attention for a much different reason. Years ago, explicit images were stolen from her phone and released on the internet without her consent. At the time, Seyfried was dating actor Justin Long who is pictured in some of the racy snapshots. While Seyfried never intended to have these intimate moments shared with strangers everywhere, someone else took that choice away from her. Although it appeared that the scandal had faded away in time, the NSFW photos have now resurfaced once more, according to Hollywood Life.

Seyfried is now married to 42-year-old actor Thomas Sadowski and has yet to comment on the resurfacing of the photos. However, her fans certainly haven't remained silent. They have banded together to stand up for the star, offering her support rather than shame. Fans took to Twitter in an effort to empower the actress in the wake of the difficult situation. The exact source of this leak has yet to be determined.

"What I love about this Amanda Seyfried situation, is the amount of people hyping her up instead of slut shaming. I'm sorry they got leaked though, that's a disgusting invasion of privacy," one user wrote.

Fans pointed out that while it may be easy to forget, celebrities and people of influence deserve the same amount of respect as everyone else. Seyfried, at 33-years-old, has lived much of her adult life in the public's critical eye. She, like many highly acclaimed actresses, has been scrutinized over everything from her clothing to her romantic relationships. However, the release of her intimate photos has taken the invasion of privacy to the next level.

One user encouraged others to report any accounts that are sharing links to the explicit images of the actress.

"Please report any account posting those Amanda Seyfried images. No person deserves having their sex life made a mockery of especially when those photos were leaked WITHOUT HER CONSENT."
Another user pointed out that anyone sharing these racy photos is also taking part in the disrespectful act of taking away Seyfried's privacy and dignity.
"[It] is also a reminder that those photos were more than likely not for everyone to see. For the sake of her privacy, don't share them! Celebrities are people too!!!"
Seyfried married Sadowski in 2017 and later that year gave birth to the couple's only child, Nina Sadowski Seyfried.