Thong-Clad Bianca Ghezzi Goes Topless With Katie Bell In Twinning Instagram Selfie

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When Instagram models join forces, people take notice. Italian model Bianca Ghezzi mostly takes to social media alone, but her most recent update comes as a double act.

On Thursday, Bianca updated her 485,000 Instagram followers with a sensational mirror selfie that came with little in the way of clothing. Making up for it is Bianca’s partner in crime, fellow model Katie Bell.

The girls are fully topless, wearing only black thong briefs. Both Bianca and Katie are using their hands to cover their chests, but delicate female hands, in most cases, will only cover cleavage partially. The post is sensational, cleavage-centric, and definitely eye-popping. It also comes in two parts. The first sees Ghezzi and Bell seated on a wooden floor in front of a mirror. In the second, the girls are standing. Ghezzi is facing the mirror, while Bell flaunts her curvaceous behind and tattooed back.

“Witness the litness ya hearrrd,” said one commenter.

Fan comments are giving these ladies the thumbs-up. One even suggested a twin element to the girls.

“I am now a supporter for clone research”

Inching its way towards the 1-million mark, Katie Bell’s Instagram has a higher following. It currently sits at 943,000.

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????????and her ????

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The April 4 update came with a simple and playful caption.

While Ghezzi and Bell have yet to reach followings seen by the likes of Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, these beauties are still making a mark for themselves. As per Heavy, Ghezzi is Italian, although she resides in Miami, Florida. Her degree from Florida State University is less spoken of – as the media outlet reports, this model’s biggest headline comes from having “stayed overnight” at former NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel’s home.

As is expected from a voluptuous Instagram model, Ghezzi’s account is filled with curve-flaunting pictures, plenty of cleavage, and lingerie.

With less of a European edge, Bell is Florida-born. Her 1995 birthyear makes her 24-years-old – one year older than Ghezzi.

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come w me, I have snacks????

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With an Instagram account that mostly shows swimwear and lingerie shots, Bell nonetheless opts for a touch more clothing than Ghezzi. (Well, sometimes.) The cleavage-flaunting cut-off tee has become a trend. It’s been worn by Blac Chyna and Emily Ratajkowski, although these two models move in more high-profile circles.

Bell also tends to use more captions. While her December 2018 post encouraged fans to join her for some nibbles, a more recent post with a fellow female model warned viewers not to “look” at her girlfriend. The post came as a promo for CBD brand Ignite.

As of Thursday, though, the only thing these ladies are igniting is their followers’ passion.