Thomas Ravenel Drank While Taking Sedatives, Says Nanny Dawn In Her Custody Deposition

Paul CheneyNBC Universal

Former Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel is gearing up this month with depositions in the custody battle with his ex, Kathryn Dennis, and transcripts are leaking out. Ravenel has a list of people to be deposed, including former childcare expert and baby nurse Nanny Dawn in addition to others from the popular Bravo series.

The Blast is reporting that in the transcript of Nanny Dawn’s deposition by Ravenel’s lawyer, Kelley Andrews of Andrews Mediation & Law in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, information was revealed about the former politician’s drinking habits at home.

Nanny Dawn, who is also involved in two other court cases with Ravenel (both involving rape charges against the ex-reality star), was the first nanny for the two Ravenel children, Kensie and Saint. Many of the questions centered around the home life and parenting styles of Ravenel and Dennis.

The nanny stated that while Dennis was “very attentive and affectionate,” Ravenel was less focused on the children and forgetful. She says that while the former politician didn’t get violent with the infants, he did fly into rages with his now former girlfriend.

When talking about drinking and substance abuse, the nanny stated that Ravenel “had issues with substance abuse and witnessed him drinking around the kids.” While she says she never saw him use illegal drugs, she is aware that he took prescription drugs, like the sedative Klonopin and the erectile dysfunction medication Viagra while drinking alcohol.

The nanny says that she did not witness Ravenel vomiting.

However, she was concerned after she “noticed that he was vomiting down the bed, down the nightstand, down onto the floor, and [I] was very afraid that he would die of asphyxiation or like choke on his own.”


Nanny Dawn alleged that on one occasion, she saw Ravenel pick up a dirty ashtray with “cigarette butts” and threw the contents in Kathryn’s face “because she overslept when it was her turn to take the baby in the morning.”

The nanny says that her employment came to an end when Ravenel cut her hours, hiring a second nanny to split the shifts. She says that before she gave her notice, the former Southern Charm star was more erratic and drinking and driving.

The Inquisitr reported that Thomas Ravenel was arrested at the end of September and charged with assaulting Nanny Dawn while she worked for him. A source close to the former state treasurer says that despite the fact that he’s been to federal prison previously, he is scared of going to state prison.

“He’s wiggin out. Talking all kinds of crazy. Alluding to the idea of suicidal-type thoughts.”