‘Shameless’ Spoilers: Carl & Debbie Fight For Kelly’s Attention

Paul SarkisShowtime

As those who tuned into last week’s episode know, Carl Gallagher (Ethan Cutkosky) was starting to get bad vibes about the bond brewing between his girlfriend, Kelly Keefe (Jess Gabor), and his sister, Debbie (Emma Kenney). Unfortunately for the young Gallagher, things only get worse for him and his relationship with Kelly in tonight’s episode of Shameless.

Warning: The rest of this article contains spoilers from tonight’s episode.

In tonight’s episode of Shameless, which is already available via the Showtime streaming service, things heat up between Carl and Debbie as they feud for the attention of Kelly.

After a blackout occurs, Carl leaves work early with plans to hook up with his girlfriend. Things take a bit of a turn when he comes home to find his sister texting his girlfriend, who had previously told him she couldn’t use her phone during practice.

Debbie revealed she was heading out to watch Kelly play after promising to bring her an orange Gatorade. Carl responds to the situation by snapping at his sister, as he believed he’s the one who is supposed to take care of Kelly and worry about her hydration levels. Carl also took issue with the orange-flavored Gatorade because he knew her favorite flavor was lemon lime.

The feud continues as the two race to get to Kelly’s game only to end up on a bus together and to arrive at the same time. Sitting in the stands near each other while they watch Kelly play, the duo takes turns obnoxiously cheering Kelly on.

At one point, Carl holds up the lemon lime Gatorade and shakes it toward Kelly before Debbie reveals she has a larger orange container because she knows it is Kelly’s actual favorite flavor.

As the threesome heads to Kelly’s truck to drive home after the game, the fight continues as Carl and Debbie get into it over who is sitting in the passenger seat beside Kelly.


Debbie – who is already buckled into the passenger seat – urges Carl to sit in the back. Carl protests by sitting on his sister’s lap before eventually moving to the back only to do what he can to squeeze the upper half of his body between his sister and his girlfriend.

Emma Kenney as Debbie, Ethan Cutkosky as Carl and Jess Gabor as Kelly in SHAMELESS
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Toward the end of the episode, Carl decides he’s had enough and bluntly asks Kelly if she’s “f***ing his sister.” Kelly, who is clearly not into the jealous, clingy boyfriend, tells Carl he’s “overthinking” the situation before breaking up with him and storming out of the house.

As she exits the house, she admits that she likes Carl, but isn’t interested in being with such a needy boyfriend.

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