Constance Nunes Posts Racy Instagram Photo Wearing Nothing But A Pair Of Waist-High Boots

Constance Nunes is heating up Instagram with nothing but a pair of very long boots.

This weekend, the model took to the social media platform to post a racy picture of herself modeling two different sets of waist-high boots for the brand Shop Akira — and nothing else. The model was topless, but was strategically covered in the pictures, which have gotten some viral attention and a big reaction from fans.

“Have mercy,” one fan wrote.

“Wow!” another commented.

Nunes has attracted quite a following online, thanks in large part to the racy photos she frequently shares on her page, but also for her unconventional background as an automotive expert. Constance Nunes has parlayed the fame into a Netflix show, Car Masters: Rust to Riches, and frequently makes reference to her affinity for cars in interviews and chats with fans. She’s also shared pictures of herself working on her cars and traded some shop talk with fans, especially about her beloved “Baby Stang,” a 1964 Ford Mustang. In another recent Instagram post, Contance showed fans how she was installing some new headers and gave a bit of insight on the complications of the work.

While the fame from her reality show and her huge social media following may put Constance Nunes among the A-list of internet celebrities, she said it hasn’t gone to her head. In an interview with Maxim, Constance shared that she would rather stay home and relax than step into the spotlight. She noted that her biggest guilty pleasure is skipping out on plans and hunkering down for the night.

“I’m totally that person to say I’m busy or working and can’t go out tonight, but really I just want to be at home drinking wine and eating cheat food in a pillow fort I made in my living room,” she said.

The interview also had a telling bit that may have factored into the recent racy picture she posted. When asked, “When do you feel sexiest,” Nunes replied: “High heels and nothing else.” While the boots she sported in the recent Instagram snap may be a bit longer than high heels, it seems to fit the bill.

Fans who want to check out more racy snaps from Constance Nunes can take a peek at her Instagram page, which has no shortage of revealing pictures. They can also get a glimpse of her extensive car work, including the beloved “Baby Stang” in action.